History of Pearl


Book 1, page 33, public records. map showing old Boise/Canyon county line and Westview Mining District (Pearl). The map was filed in Canyon County Oct. 27, 1897, at 3 PM and certified Nov. 11, 1915 when we became Gem County.
Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, 1898
Mining Districts, Willow Creek and Rock Creek
   from The Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, by Waldemar Lindgren, 1898 (off-site)
detail of 1902 glo survey, showing Upper & Lower Pearl from glorecords
Pearl map 1902; reconstruction by Sharon McConnel

Mining Reports

Pearl, excerpt from Merle W. Wells -- Gold Camps & Silver Cities/Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho. Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Mines & Geology, Moscow, Idaho, 1983. (p. 73-74) - available for download
The Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge, by Waldemar Lindgren, 1898 (off-site)
1899 Mining Report
1904 Mining Report, Pearl District
Pearl on westernmininghistory.com (off-site)

News Articles

1896, Feb.:From the Great Willow Creek, update on mine activities
1896,Feb: Willow Creek is going to boom
1896, Red Bird Mine subscribers met, directors chosen Egleston, Sebree, Horn, Cooper & Shaw
1896, Pearl butchers close shop & another rich strike in the Checkmate, Caldwell Tribune, July 25, 1896
1897, ad for Stage Line to Pearl, H. Cox, proprietor; Graham & J. C. Shepherd, Pearl ticket agents; The Caldwell Tribune, May 1, 1897
1897,June: Pearl Stage now runs through Emmett, The Caldwell Tribune, June 12, 1897
1897, Mrs. Gould, Pearl store keeper visits Caldwell, The Caldwell Tribune, May 29, 1897
1898,Jan: Important Strike at King Mine in Pearl, The Caldwell Tribune, January 1, 1898
1902, Tragedy at Pearl (murder-suicide)
1902, Feb. - work progressing on canal for Horse Shoe Bend Power Plant, to provide power to Pearl
1902, May - New Stage Line from Emmett to Centerville
January 1903, W. C. Emkee Mines at Pearl Sold
April 1903, Great Pearl Mining Camp
January 1906, Head Residence Destroyed by Fire (Lower Pearl)
1906, Jan. Black Pearl Closed Due to Frost
Plowman vs. LeVan 1897 Suit, Pearl Mining District; Idaho Statesman, March 1834
August 1935, Pearl Mining District, by Robert N. Bell, Former Idaho Inspector of Mines
Idaho Falls, Post Register, Jan. 17, 1941 Miners at Pearl Strike
December 2005, Mining History News, (Pearl Story) by Bob Weldin - courtesy of David Humpherys - thanks for sharing!


Pearl Hoist Room, probably the Checkmate
"Pearl Miner," Neil MacAskill
Lincoln Mine, c.1909; pictured Neil Macaskill; Thomas Ryan; Fred Turner, foreman; Charlie Charlton; Big Dan Macaskill; John Pushman; George Franklin; Merrill Turner, small boy; Don Turner, boy; Thomas O'Neil; Jimmie O'Neil; Pokey Hauntis; Robert Thirl; Harry Hazelton; Mike Munan; Fred Turner.

Historic Post Offices & Post Masters
Pearl Documents 1896-1902

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