Index of Pearl Documents, 1896 - 1902

(See Map of Pearl, 1902.)

This list is not complete, but hopefully it is representive of early Pearl. The first two liens show the importance of the freighting, even though Pearl was unique among mining camps in that it was close to other towns. "The town of Pearl can be reached by wagon from Boise or Caldwell in four hours time or from Nampa to Emmett by the Idaho Northern thence by stage in two hours time." - Great Pearl Mining Camp", Emmett Index, April 30, 1903.

A couple of the documents I stumbled on in the Book of Liens while looking for other liens. If you think your ancestor was in Pearl, it behooves you to check public record. I do not have these documents. For actual document, contact the Gem County Clerk & Recorder's Office, 415 E Main, Emmett, ID 83617; (208) 365-4561.

Bk 1 of Liens, page 248, Gem County Records, recorded Sept. 26, 1896
J. E. Griggs vs G. R. Reed
Reed was to pay $7 per 1000 sq. ft. for hauling 13608 ft lumber; hauling 1 cord of wood, $3.50; furnishing 1/2 cord wood, $3.50; hauling 12000 shingles from Caldwell, $4.80; Mrs. Loid A. Griggs for cooking, $7.00. Such labor & assistance performed & rendered between July 24, 1896, and August 26, 1896. The amount claimant demands is $115.20, no part has been paid except $18.50. Amount now due & unpaid, $96.70.
Subscribed and sworn before me 22 Sept 1896 /s/ Robert A. Badley Justice of Peace
Bk 1 of Liens, p. 250, Gem County Records, 7 Nov. 1896
Callistus W. Cooper vs. George D. Reed & Jury & Minton
Two story frame bldg known as Jury & Minton Boarding House, fka Reed Boarding House, situated on south side of street, between storeroom on east and Checkmate ore house on west and being about 200 ft. NE from working tunnel of Checkmate. $89.00 for lumber, doors, windows, shingles furnished by claimant as material man to said George Reed by contract made with Reed on 12 Aug. 1896. Name of owner at present are Jury and Minton; at time of construction, name of owner was George D. Reed.
William A. Rigdon Amanda Rigdon QCD 11-28-96 Central Hotel
A C Emerson vrs. Lavina E. Goold? & A. Goold? Lien 12-18-96 Store Bldg in Pearl
Edward Hennebery vrs. Herbert Richmond & w Lien 12-21-96 House & claim in Pearl
George A. Sprague vrs. R J Alcorn & w Lien 5-26-97 1 story frame bldg in Pearl
Robert Minton Joseph Minton QCD 9-21-97 Minton Hotel on John A Logan claim
W F Hammar Amanda Rigdon QCD 9-26-97 Frame Dwelling on N. side of Main St next w. of Thomas Fleming house
L R Walter The Falk Block Merc Co. Ltd. Mtg. 4-20-98 Bldg on N. side of Main St & frame house on S. side Main St, opp. above
Robert S. Minton Mrs. M. Jury Mtg. 8-28-98 Parcel partly on Checkmate & partly on disputed claim bet. Levan ? Ryan House
M. Jury Robt Minton Cft. Sale 7-20-99 Household goods in house on above parcel
Joseph Minton Mary Bondtrigger QCD 1-2-99 Jenson? & Minton Bldg.
J. D. Welch Alice Westfall QCD 4-2-00 2 story frame bldg. on N. side of Main St.
W. C. Emke etal Jacob Decker Mtg. 4-11-00 Jake Deckers Saloon
George W. Johnson & w Ladies Aid Society of Pearl B of Sale 5-16-1902 The Johnston house on Main St
Geo. W. Record W. H. Gray WD 11-23-01 one house in Pearl
Robert Gamble of Sweet V. Van Buren of Pearl QCD 2-7-02 1 lot 50x100'-Bd. on N. by Org. Mail Road - E. by Mrs. Wasson's lot & house - S. by Boyd Teeter's house, W by State Wagon Rd. Said lot has been improved by Robt. Gamble
Jake Decker Mrs. A. F? Walter D 10-1-02 Newby House or Decker House
Jefferson D. Welch & w Rush Von Harten QCD 10-10-02 Pearl Drug Store
Mrs. Alice Koll etal J. D. Welch QCD 10-13-02 Pearl Drug Store
Mattie B. Wesson The Pearl Lodge #70, IOOF QCD 10-23-02 Surface on Und. 1/3 int. of 100x70', being all between Esither? Cabin & Emkee? fence
Joseph M. Lyons J. W. Thompson, Jr QCD 11-14-02 The Barber Shop
L R Walter C C Anderson B of Sale 12-19-02 Frame 5-room house
Hugh A. Jones C. C. Anderson B of Sale 12-19-02 Lot in Pearl

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