Base Ball at Boise

Emmett Red Birds Cover Themselves with Glory

Emmett Index, July 10, 1902

The Emmett Red Birds returned from Boise covered with new feathers and glory. They have two more league games to their credit which gives them a place next to the top in the contest for the pennant - which is now conceded to Nampa.

Boise's league team forfeited the July 4th game to Emmett by not playing here as scheduled and in the game Sunday the Reds had the biggest walk-a-way of the season. The score was Emmett 13, Boise 7. It was no game at all - at least that seems to be what Manager Coate(?) of the Boise Neverwases thought, for he hastened away with the sack and left the Red Birds to scratch for their feed.

Emmett played two exhibition games with the Riverside park team - one on the 4th and one on the 5th - winning the first and losing the second.

Emmett will play the Caldwell Colts next Sunday, probably at Riverside park, Boise, as the proprietors of that resort are making an effort to secure the game. Caldwell will try hard to gain second place in the standing of clubs at this game, which is next to last of the series.

Standing of Clubs
Nampa -- 7 W, 3 L, .700 per.
Emmett - 5 W, 5 L, .500 per.
Caldwell 4 W, 6 L, .400 per.
Boise -- 4 W, 6 L, .400 per

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