W. P. Kissinger Murders His Sister-In-Law and Then Suicides

The Emmett Index July 3, 1902

Tragedy at Pearl

J. C. Shepherd, the Pearl stage driver, brought to Emmett Saturday morning news of the murder of Mrs. W. A. Garner, wife of a well known miner of that place, by W. P. Kissinger, of Pendelton, Oregon. He shot his victim twice in the head, killing her instantly, holding her in his arms while doing the shooting. He then laid her down and put the gun to his own head, falling by her side.

Kissinger in his statement said the woman, as Ada Horn, loved him passionately in Oregon and begged him repeatedly to leave his wife, her sister, Mattie. He finally did so, for the purpose of marrying Ada. He said he did not learn of Ada's marriage to Garner until shortly before he got his divorce, which was obtained about 10 days ago.

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