"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory:

•  Ada County   |   Boise City
•  Alturas County and Atlanta
•  Beaver Canon, Black Foot and Bloomington, all in Oneida County
•  Boise Co.; Booneville, Owyhee Co.; Boston, Boise Co.; Cariboo Mines, Oneida Co.; Centerville, Boise Co.
•  Clear Water, Nez Perce Co.; Clifton, Corbett's Station, Eagle Rock, all Oneida Co.; Elk City, Nez Perce Co.; Elk Creek, Idaho Co.; Emmettsville, Ada Co.; Fairview, Owyhee Co., Falks' Store, Ada Co.
•  Fish Haven, Oneida Co.; Florence, Idaho Co.; Fort Hall, Oneida Co., Fort Lemhi, Lemhi Co.; Franklin, Onedia Co.; Gentile Valley, Oneida Co.; Georgetown, Oneida Co.; Gold Hill, Boise Co.
•  Granite Creek, Horse Shoe Bend, Idaho City, all Boise County
•  Idaho County, Indian Creek, Alturas Co.; Indian Valley, Ada Co.; Iowa Bar, Oneida Co.; John Day's Creek, Idaho Co.; Junction, Lemhi Co.; Keenan City, Oneida Co.
•  Kootenai Co., Lapwai, Leesburg, Lemhi Co.
•  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co.
•  Liberty, Oneida Co.; Lower Boise, Ada Co.; Malad City, Oneida Co.; Manuel Ranch, Idaho Co.; Market Lake, Marsh Valley, both in Oneida Co.; Middleton, Ada Co.; Montpelier, Oneida Co.
•  Mount Idaho, Nez Perce, Newsome Creek, both in Nez Perce Co.; Nez Perce County; Oneida County; Oro Grande, Lemhi Co.; Ovid, Oneida Co.
•  Owyhee Co.: Oxford, Oneida Co.: Paradise Valley, Nez Perce Co.; Paris, Oneida Co.
•  Payette Store, Payetteville, both Ada Co.; Pelouse Bridge, Nez Perce Co.; Pen d'Oreille, Kootenai Co.; Pierce City, Shoshone Co.; Pine Creek, Nez Perce Co.; Pine Grove, Alturas Co.; Pioneerville, Placerville both Boise Co.
•  Pleasant Valley, Oneida Co.; Quartzburgh, Boise Co.; Red Rock, Oneida Co.; Rocky Bar, Alturas Co.; Ross Fork, Oneida Co.; Salmon City, Lemhi Co.; Salubria, Ada Co.; Shearer's Ferry, Idaho Co.; Shoshone County
•  Silver City, Owyhee County
•  Slate Creek, Idaho Co.; Soda Springs, Oneida Co.; South Mountain,Owyhee Co.; Squaw Creek, Boise, Co.; St. Charles, Oneida Co.; Thorne Creek, Nez Perce Co.; Wagontown, Owyhee Co.; Washington, Idaho Co.; Washoe and Weiser, both Ada Co.; Weston, Oneida Co.; White Bird, Idaho Co.
Table of Saw Mills
Towns and Cities, by county
Idaho Territory Post Offices

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