The Fourth at Emmett


Emmett Index, July 10, 1902

Emmett's Fourth of July celebration was a big success from a patriotic standpoint. The weather was rather damp and the streets muddy, and it was a little too cold for the ice cream stand business, but notwithstanding the rain a large crowd gathered at the Emmett Pleasure Club hall to listen to the morning program.

R. H. Clopton, as president of the day, opened the exercises with a short patriotic address, followed with the invocation by Rev. Barrett, after which Miss Nellie Ireton read the declaration of independence and C. D. Tillingbast (or Tillinghast?) delivered the address, all of which was listened to with much interest. The program was interspersed with recitations, songs, and music by the choir and band.

The weather was more favorable in the afternoon and the program of sports successfully carried out, closing with a fine display fo fireworks and a grand ball at night.

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