Valley County -
     1933, Inez Shaver Meets Tragic Death on Snow Trail
     1921, Frank Spencer Drags Broken Leg 13 Miles
    Cabarton, MacGregor, Logging Company Towns
    bio-Gordon MacGregor (1916-1987)
     "Thunder Mountain 'Tome Up,' The Thunder Mountain Story," Earl Willson, 1963.
Boise County -
    Reed's Sawmill, Dry Buck, and Reed Bros. Logging Crew
    Payette River Log Drives
Gem County-
    James Wardwell bio
    Early Lumber Industry, The Emmett index. June 15, 1916
    Lumber and Logging, as described by Mills

Gem County/News -
  1913, First Train Ride to Smith's Ferry
  1915, Earthquake Frightens Emmett
  Prohibition story by Hart & stories of local moonshining
  1921, Thousand Gallons Wine Emptied into Canal
  1922, Pioneer Picnic, includes Emmett's Firsts and Registration Book
State History -   "Early History of Idaho,"Chapt. 11, Early Events," by W. J. McConnell. Includes events in Boise, Gem, Payette and Ada counties and in Oregon.

Boise National Forest Place Names
Boise County, Brownlee-DryBuck page expanded
Histories with 1898 directories, Owyhee County: Reynolds Creek, Guffey, Oreana
"The Prospector and Thunder Mountain News" from yellowpinetimes.wordpress  ::  images  ::  November 1904  ::  February 1905  ::  March 1905  ::  April 1 & 8, 1905  ::  April 15 & 22, 1905

Prohibition in Idaho, 1916-1933
1914 Polk's Business Directory for Gem County
Valley County: "Cougar" Dave Lewis (1844-1936)
1919 Preliminary Report on Mining Districts in Adams and Washington Counties
"Mining in Idaho" (map), p. 235, "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho
Historic Value of Metal Production for Idaho, 1860-1980 Cumulative Totals by Mining Area , Extracted from "Gold Camps & Silver Cities (Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho)," by Merle W. Wells
1891, Disappearance of I. E. Mahan (Gem and Valley County)
1891 News, Spear and Hampton Killed by Snowslide, Blaine County
1889 News, "Bachelors Club", Caldwell, Canyon County
William H. Cramer Family Group Sheet, Gem County
Gustav A. Gross Family Group Sheet
Richard Gross Family Group Sheet, Gem County
History of Gross Community, Gem County
updated Gem County page for Pearl & Westview Mining District, including
1896, Feb.:From the Great Willow Creek, update on mining activities, Pearl area, Gem County
1888, Williams & the Murder of Winn and Reed (Caribou County)
Captain Bonneville in Idaho (1832-1835)
Caribou County
Bonneville County
1868, Jan. 11: Snake River Froze Over, Owyhee Stage returned to Boise, Idaho Semi-weekly world
1869 ad for Owyhee and Boise Stage Line
1864, Jan. 4, Boise News, Shooting at Placerville on Christmas Day; vigilance committee talked of; Dr. Terry shot unidentified claim jumper
1917, Jan. 4: Butte Daily Post, One Dead from Explosion in Pittsburg-Idaho Mine (Lemhi County)

Boundary County, includes ad for New Year's Dance in 1918, month and a half after end of WWI
Bonner County
Owyhee Nugget, Jan. 03, 1908: First Woman Jury at De Lamar
Twin Falls' First Female Jury 1912
Evening Capital News, Dec. 1912: Jury of Women, Chicken Thieves and the Spirit of Christmas
Wake Island Civilians in Gem County
Bingham County
Bear Lake County
Idaho Statesman, July 4, 1965, Pioneer Page: 50 Years Ago; 75 Years Ago; 100 Years Ago
LDS - Fort Lemhi, includes founding of Franklin, first permanent settlement
The Catholic Missions, includes DeSmet and Cataldo Missions
Spalding and Lapwai Missions (1836)
Missionaries, First Religious Service
Blaine County expanded
Elmore County expanded

Leacock's Station, the route from Salmon to Thunder Mountain, c. 1901
1915 Elk Shipment to Idaho
Fur Traders, includes Fort Kullyspell, 1809; Fort Henry; John Reid
Fremont through Idaho, 1843, (stops at Ft Hall and Ft. Boise) by Brosnan
History of Fort Hall by Brosnan
Canyon County Photo Album
Assassination of Gov. Steunenberg, Canyon Co.
History of Ft. Boise, Canyon County, by Brosnan
Library of Congress photos, in Montour and Ola, Gem County
1906 Precincts in east Valley County, Abstracted and shared by Sue at Yellow Pine Times
bio of J. M. More, Owyhee County; ISHS Reference Series
Thunder Mountain News, 1905 ads
Thunder Mountain News, 1905 ads, locations in Gem County
Expanded Canyon County
Yellow Pine Walking Tour, Valley County, prepared by your webmaster, spring 1999
Yellow Pine Walking Tour, back, Valley County

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