Duane Petersen in Valley County, The Way it Was lists the following in greater detail:

Jack Barnum lower Big Creek, downstream from Edwardsburg

Billie Bean Family:
     John Brown Bean, May 7 - May 21, 1909
     Richard Milton Bean, December 22, 1929

Cascade Falls Indian Battle (20 August 1878) & Graves:
     William (Billy) Monday
     Jake Grosclose
     Tom Healy
The three men were killed in an Indian ambush after tracking horse thieves from Indian Valley (Adams County).

Petersen writes: "The graves were along the river. When the first railroad tracks were built up the valley the graves were just above the tracks. Later on when Cascade Dam was built the railroad's new grade came close to covering up the site so a rock retaining wall was built to protect it. The old railroad grade has been changed into a road by Valley County and grave site is below the road. Above the road is a flag pole and plaque telling the history and names of the pioneers buried here. You have to hike up the hill just a little ways to see the flag pole and plaque mounted on a big boulder." complete story

(see also Pearsol Creek Graves below)

Elvis "White" Cox, d. 1954 Cox Campground, Middle Fork

Bill Darling, "Bell Bar Mining Co. claims", South Fork Rd

Elk Creek Cemetery, Elk Creek Summit Road, near where it crosses the South Fork - originally in Idaho Co., more info here
     Mr. Dier, d. 1880's
     Peter Dorsey, d. 1879
     Hugh Johnson, d. April 1879
     Sylvester S. "Three Finger" Smith, d. April 28, 1892, at age of 63; Story of "Three Finger" Smith at Payette National Forest, Learning Center
     Juanita Smith, wife of Sylvester
     Bob Smith, son of Sylvester
     Warren Smith, son of Sylvester

cemetery marker

photo courtesy of Christine Schoenhut Diehl (click photo for larger image)

Hardrock Elliot, brother to Joe, Roy & Bert, nephew to Mrs. Kid Garden, buried at Mile High

Eloheimo Family:
     Pastor J. W. Eloheimo, 1847 - 1913
     George 1881 - 1914
     Eva 1890 - 1924
     Alexander 1896 - 1908

Fritzer Ranch, South Fork
     Harry Fritzer
     Charlotte Fritzer (1884 - 1919)
     Carrie Amy Fritzer (1903 - 1910)
     George Fritzer (1902 - 1991)   obituary   - George died in a house fire at the Davis Ranch (fka the Willey Ranch). These two ranches are abt. a couple miles apart, on opposites sides of the river. The Fritzer Ranch is on the west side.

Arthur Hamilton, Hamilton Bar, two miles down the South Fork from the mouth of the Secesh River

Horatio Hill, Clear Creek area

Ellis Humphrey (baby), Skunk Creek, Clear Creek area

_____ Huxley, Clear Creek area

Billy Kline, Warm Lake, near South Fork turnoff - history from Warm Lake Users Association

Koskella Ranch Cemetery
Petersen writes that there are twenty-two graves at this site, the majority of them infants, includes more than Koskella family members

George Krassel, killed June 27, 1919, by neighbor William "Deadshot" Reed, buried at north end of the Reed Ranch, South Fork Rd

Tom Moore

Pearsol Creek Graves, along the old Warm Lake Road right of way
     Dan Crooks
     Bob Wilhelm
killed by Sheepeater Indians August 20, 1878
(see also Cascade Falls Indian Battle & Ambush - above

Dead Man's Campground, Deadman's Bar, East Fork Road, west of Yellow Pine.
Peterson writes that Deadman's Bar gets it name from a fight among white miners and some Chinese miners, resulting in the deaths of three Chinese and one white miner, but that the grave itself is that of James Reagan.

Deadman Campground
(photo courtesy of Larry "Chappy" Chapman)

James Reagan
Helners included the following: Sept 1877 - "A man named James Reagan died or committed suicide about the 15th of September at his mining claim on the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River, about 30 miles south of Warrens. He was a Union soldier during the war & took an active part for several weeks the past summer in hunting Joseph in Camas Prairie. He came to this camp about '66. He was of a rather solitary disposition and of late had declining health. . . About the date mentioned his nearest neighbor, 8 miles below found him dead in his bed, fully dressed, and the empty laudunum bottle near at hand, telling the story." (Idaho Tri-Weekly Statesman, 1 Jan 78)

Reed child, Reed Ranch, South Fork

Grant U. Smith, 1864 - 1942, Monumental Summit ("before the switchbacks going up Monumental")

Grant Smith's grave detail

photos courtesy of Carrie Ellie Pitts (click photos for larger images)

Spoor child, Spoor Lane, Round Valley

Willey Ranch cemetery, South Fork
Simeon "Sim" Willey, original homesteader (1859 - 1939) Obituary
Ray Willey - Ray Willey, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Willey died Oct. 8, 1918, after being sick only a few hours. The young man was examined for military services last spring and rejected on account of heart trouble. A brother George was accepted and is in the service. The young man was born on the South Fork and was out 23 years of age." - Helmer
Delton A. "Del" Davis obituary 

Walker infants, West Mountain

_____ Wisdom, SW of McCall on West Mountain Road

Petersen also details the location of other graves of unknown individuals. We owe a debt of gratitude to Duane for his work. As the retired county road supervisor Duane knows the Valley Co. nooks and crannies better than most of us. The USGS map for Thunder Mountain also indicates three or four graves in that area. Who lies in some of these graves may never be known, but it is something to bear in mind when looking for the final resting place of ancestors who were in Valley County, especially if other records place them near one of these burials.


Petersen, Duane L. -- Valley County, the Way it Was. D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 2002.

Helmer, Cheryl. -- Warren Times/A collection of news about Warren, Idaho. Henington Publishing Company, Wolfe City, TX., 1988. Includes the greater Warren area.

Delton Davis obituary

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