Thunder Mountain News, April 22, 1905

When Col. Dewey bought the Caswells' Thunder Mountain claims (east present-day Valley Co.) in late 1900, the rush was on - much of it through present-day Gem County. Ad from "Thunder Mountain News," April 22, 1905, courtesy of Steven Harshfield.

Boise & Pearl Stage, T. B. Walker, Prop.

Boise Pearl Stage

    Plowman's, Payette River, Montour
    Taylor House, Sweet (Warren Taylor was the Sweet postmaster from 1901-1907)
    Millers, Ola & Miller's Store, Thunder City
    Sults' Ola, Thunder City, Vanwyck Stage
      (Post office history places Thunder City about six miles west of Cascade and Vanwyck was about three miles southwest of Cascade.)
    Hays & Harley, General Wayhouse
    Smith Ferry, L. M. Gorton, Prop.
    Peter Neeb, The Round Valley Wayhouse, Fern, P.O., Peter Neeb, prop.
    Kentucky Home Hotel, Thunder City Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Alvey, proprietors
    W. H. Taylor, Scott Valley Farm
    Cross & Conyer's Big Creek Station
    C. C. Randall, Randall's Transfer, Knox P.O. Store; Feed Barn, Wm. Howel, Manager; Post office history places Knox 25 miles NE of Cascade
    J. Kelly & L. McShane, Knox post office
    Temperance House, at Trappers Flat, W. J. Burke, Prop.
    Diamond's Road House, Reardon Creek
    Summit House on Monumental Summit

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