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1860, Washington Territory   ::   1864 map   ::   1876 map (includes Bear Lake est. in 1875)
Native American Tribes
Chronological Summary by James H. Hawley, 1920
A Capsule History, an Idaho Chronology, abstracted from "The Idaho Almanac, 1977 (through 1976)
Fur Traders, includes Kullyspell (Bonner County), Idaho's First Trading Post 1809; Fort Henry 1810 (Fremont County)
   Mountain Men and the Fur Trade (off-site)
The Missionaries Followed the Explorers and the Fur Traders
   The Spaldings at Lapawai
   The Catholic Missions, includes the DeSmet Mission and the Cataldo Mission
   LDS - Fort Lemhi, includes founding of Franklin, first permanent settlement
Along the Oregon Trail
Nathaniel J. Wyeth and Fort Hall, (Bannock County) (1834 -) by Brosnan
   The Fort Hall Accounts (off-site)
Old Hudson Bay Fort Boise (Canyon County) (1834 - 1855), by Brosnan
Fremont through Idaho, 1843, (stops at Ft Hall and Ft. Boise) by Brosnan
Trading and Military Posts by Hawley
19th Century Forts & Military Installations, at Digital Atlas of Idaho
Oregon Trail Links and Information
Goodale North: Oregon Trail Alternate Route from Boise to Brownlee Ferry (1862)
"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley
Territorial Executive Branch (1863-1889)
The History of Idaho, The Gem of the Mountain (1920) by James H. Hawley
   abstracts, includes county descriptions, newspapers, Idaho in the Spanish American War
When the Mountins Roared - the 1910 Fires, "Big Blow-up," "Big Burn:" 85 fatalities, two day firestorm destroying three million acres (off-site)
Daughters of the American Revolution Members Residing in Idaho, 1911
Two Carloads of Elk Shipped into State from Montana, 1915
WWII POW Camps in Idaho
Idaho Penny Postcards - a pictorial state history tour

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