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1860, Washington Territory   ::   1864 map   ::   1876 map (includes Bear Lake est. in 1875)
Native American Tribes
Chronological Summary by James H. Hawley, 1920
A Capsule History, an Idaho Chronology, abstracted from "The Idaho Almanac, 1977 (through 1976)
Fur Traders, includes Kullyspell (Bonner County), Idaho's First Trading Post 1809; Fort Henry 1810 (Fremont County)
   Mountain Men and the Fur Trade (off-site)
The Missionaries Followed the Explorers and the Fur Traders
   The Spaldings at Lapawai
   The Catholic Missions, includes the DeSmet Mission and the Cataldo Mission
   LDS - Fort Lemhi, includes founding of Franklin, first permanent settlement
Along the Oregon Trail
Nathaniel J. Wyeth and Fort Hall, (Bannock County) (1834 -) by Brosnan
   The Fort Hall Accounts (off-site)
Old Hudson Bay Fort Boise (Canyon County) (1834 - 1855), by Brosnan
Fremont through Idaho, 1843, (stops at Ft Hall and Ft. Boise) by Brosnan
Trading and Military Posts by Hawley
19th Century Forts & Military Installations, at Digital Atlas of Idaho
Oregon Trail Links and Information
Goodale North: Oregon Trail Alternate Route from Boise to Brownlee Ferry (1862)
"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley
Territorial Executive Branch (1863-1889)
The History of Idaho, The Gem of the Mountain (1920) by James H. Hawley
   abstracts, includes county descriptions, newspapers, Idaho in the Spanish American War
When the Mountins Roared - the 1910 Fires, "Big Blow-up," "Big Burn:" 85 fatalities, two day firestorm destroying three million acres (off-site)
Daughters of the American Revolution Members Residing in Idaho, 1911
Two Carloads of Elk Shipped into State from Montana, 1915
WWII POW Camps in Idaho
Idaho Statesman, July 4, 1965
   50 Years Ago
   75 Years Ago
   100 Years Ago
Idaho Penny Postcards - a pictorial state history tour

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