Idaho semi-weekly world. February 13, 1891

A. S. Hall, of Squaw Creek, writes as follows to the WORLD in regard to the mysterious disappearance of Dr. I. E. Mahan, of Emmett, who has been a correspondent of the WORLD for several years and has written under the nom do plume of "Catchall"

"Dr. Mahan, alias 'Catchall,' has bean missing about three months. Thos. Norcross told me that Charley Parmer brought Mahan to High valley and camped on Sam's Meadow. Then Norcross and Parmer went over to the Alpine mine, leaving Mahan at camp alone. They were gone three days and on returning found Mahan's coat and hat on a log at camp, but Mahan hasn't been seen since.



Idaho semi-weekly world. May 15, 1891

May 10, 1891.

EDITOR WORLD:—The remains of I. E. Mahan were found by Thos. Day on the 8th inst. upon my ranch in this valley. The deceased has been missing since last October. He was in company with Mr. Norcross, who was packing in provisions to his mine on the Middle Fork of the Payette. He was left in camp while Mr. N. proceeded to the mine with a load. On his return two days after Mahan was no where to be found. Search was made and the conclusion arrived at was that he had returned to Emmett. He had been on a protracted spree before starting on the trip. He was identified by those who knew him. I examined his pockets in the presence of ten witnesses. The following articles were found on his person: A card with his name on it, a gold toothpick, a medical powder, a lead pencil, a small piece of tobacco, a cigar and some matches. His position, when found, was as follows: He was lying on his back upon a knoll, with his face upward; hat on his head; shoes removed, one under his right shoulder, the other at his feet; coat off and lying between his legs. The body was in a bad state of decomposition. He was buried by the citizens of this place. Box and shroud furnished, and head board put up, with his name written on it, to indicate his last resting place.



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Idaho semi-weekly world. July 17, 1888

I. E. MAHAN, an authorized agent for the ROCHESTER NURSERIES the oldest nurseries in the U. S., is now prepared to furnish you on order the finest kinds of fruit, ornamental and shade trees. Trees from this firm have been delivered all over Idaho, and they have in every instance surprised the recipients with size, condition, and being in every instance true to name. The firm will replace all that fail to grow. Over five hundred dollars' worth were delivered in Garden Valley, and in every instance gave entire satisfaction. You can order through Mr. Mahan any kind of tree kept in the United States. Also any rose or flower. He warrants the fruit trees to be six or seven feet high, in good condition on delivery, and he will replace all that die the first year. The warrant is from the oldest and best nursery firm in the U. S., and reliable. Any person wanting trees of any kind, great or small order, drop a postal card to Dr. I. E. Mahan, Emmett, Idaho, and the agent will call on you, and take orders to be delivered spring or fall.

Emmett Ada Co.. Idaho.

clipping, 1888 Tree ad

clipping,1892 Timber Culture Complaint against Isette E. Mahan.   location

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