Montour Photographs

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Plowman Sawmill, North bank of Payette River

Joe Amos Barn

Pugh Elevator, Mill & Warehouse

Farmers' & Stockgrowers' Bank, Broadway & Main Streets, Montour

Methodist Episcopal Church of Montour,
East side of South Walnut Street, Montour

Montour School, East Side
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Ola Photographs

Ola Self-help cooperative (Farm Security Administration)
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Jacknife School, Gem County

Former saloon and stagecoach tavern which is the temporary home of a member of the Ola self help sawmill co-op. photo by Dorothea Lange

Entering Ola. Voting farmers in Squaw Creek Valley number 185, town population about 30. - Lange, Dorothea, photographer, Created/Published 1939 Oct

Road going up Squaw Creek Valley, leaving Ola. Fence was built in 1890 - photo by Dorothea Lange; 1939 Oct.

"The Thunder Mountain gold rush went over this road. They had to use thirty-five horses to get some of the equipment over." Dorothea Lange photo, Oct. 1939

A sign on the road points to a sawmill and farms of members of the Ola self-help cooperative: L.H. Nelson, Chas. Carlock, Mary Carlock & sons, W.H. Canaday, Carl Canaday, Roy Carlock, Claude Canaday, Chas. Canaday, R. T. Nau & son

School attended by children of members of Ola self-help sawmill co-op (Gross School)

A road which runs by the farm of a member of the Ola

"Young farmer, member of Ola self-help sawmill co-op, plowing in fall of the year. Tractor is used co-operatively. Oct. 1939, Dorothea Lange, photographer"
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