Reynolds Creek History and Directory

Extracted from "A historical, descriptive and commercial directory of Owyhee County, Idaho, January 1898." (internet archive).

Prior to the spring of 1863, Owyhee County was an unexplored country, inhabited only by bands of hostile Indians, while at that time the diggings of Boise basin and Oro Fino boasted of a population of over ten thousand miners. A legend of the early immigrants to Oregon of the “Blue Bucket diggings,” in the vicinity of the Owyhee mountains, wherein they used sinkers of gold for fishing purposes, led several adventurous spirits to organize a party of discovery at Placerville, in May, 1863. The party consisted of the following: Michael Jordan, A. J. Miner, J. C. Boone, P. H. Gordan, L. C. Gehr, G. W. Chadwick, Cy Iba, William Phipps, Joseph Dorsey, Jerome Francisco, John Moore, J. R. Cain, W. Churchill, H. R. Wade, A. J. Reynolds, James Carroll, William Duncan. Dr. A. F. Rudd, F. Height, W. L. Wade, John Cannon, M. Conner, C. Ward, R. W. Prindall, D. P. Barnes, W. T. Carson, J. Johnson, A. Eddington and O. H. Purdy, in all numbering twenty-nine.

We take the following from the narration of O. H. Purdy, a member of the party, a well-known citizen of Silver City, who was killed in the skirmish with the Bannack Indians at South Mountain, in June 1878:

We crossed Snake River at the mouth of Boise River, traveling in a southwesterly direction, until we came to, at that time, quite a large stream, which we named, in honor of the laziest man in the company, “Reynolds creek,” We camped here one day. . .

Reynolds Creek

Reynolds Creek valley is sixteen miles from Silver City and fifteen from Snake River. The earliest settlers here were Thomas Carson, Joseph Babbington and James C. Bernard, who came in the spring of 1864. Since then the valley has been settled rapidly, the population now numbering over two hundred. The chief productions of the valley are hay, grain and fruit, which find a ready market at the mining camps, and considerable attention is given also to the rearing of live stock.

The village itself is characterized principally by J. M. Brunzell's hotel and Share’s stage-house. The latter well known resort, familiar to the patrons of the California, Oregon & Idaho Stage Company, as well as to the wayfaring public in general, was opened in April, 1877, by Charles E. Share, as a stage station and teamsters” headquarters, and has been continued by him ever since without interruption.

The above view is no doubt a familiar one, to all those who have had occasion to travel on the road from Silver City to the river, being the well-known roadside resort of J. M. Brunzell, Sr., established in 1888; and very few pass by without making a "social call" on "old John," who is at all times on deck ready to serve his patrons.

Mr. Brunzell's property consists of 260 acres, of which 100 acres is under cultivation, and which has yielded this season over 200 tons of hay and 1,300 bushels of grain. He has also on this property a thrifty young orchard of hardy fruit trees, which promise well.

His buildings consist of hotel, post office, stables, barns, all of modern and substantial construction, and the fact that those who have had occasion to sojourn with him depart in a state of inmost contentment leads us to close our description with the words of the celebrated poet, "nuf sed."

This well-known resort, familiar to the patrons of the C., 0. & I. Stage Company, as well as to the wayfaring public in general, was opened in April. 1877, by Charles E. Share, as a stage station and teamsters' headquarters, and continued by him without interruption as such ever since.

The house, of modern and substantial construction, is beautifully located in about twenty-five acres of orchard land, covered with hardy fruit trees, such as apples, pears, apricots, plums, cherries, etc.

Mr. Share also owns about thirty-five acres, cultivated in timothy and alfalfa, and his yield this season will amount to about 130 tons of hay.

The "Stage House" is the stopping station of the C., 0. & I. Stage Company, and familiar and welcome to all those who have had the good fortune to partake of the hospitalities of the worthy host and hostess.

Reynolds Directory

Adams, William. stock raiser.
Babbington, Joe, Ranch and stock raiser.
Baker. W. H., teamster.
Bernard, U. J., rancher.
Best, Henry A., ranch.
Bohlke, Gus, wood chopper.
Brunzell, A. G., superintendent McDonald's ranch.
Brunzell, Albert N., with J. M. Brunzell, Sr.
Brunzell, C. M., miner.
BRUNZELL, J. M., SR., Postoffice, hotel and saloon.
Brunzell, Otto L., with J. M. Brunzell, Sr.
Church, A. C., ranch hand
Cook, George, rancher.
Cottle, Charles A., gardener
Crook, William H., ranch hand
Ellis, J. C., ranch.
Finlay, Alex, miner. Fry, Samuel D., miner.
Graham, William, teamster
Grubb, Thomas L., freighter
HAMILTON, WILLIAM, Bookkeeper D. D. McDonald
Henry, G. S., ranch.
Howard, Frank W., rancher
Hughes, John, ranch hand
JOHNSTON, C. C., Rancher.
Johnson, C. H., ranch hand
Johnson, C. S., carpenter.
Johnson, Chris., wood chopper
Johnson, William, hostler.
Johnston, C., ranch.
Jordan, Michael, toll gate keeper
Kaufman, Daniel J., ranch
Kelleher, John, rancher.
Kerkham, George, teamster
Lang, James A., blacksmith
Larson, A. W., road contractor
Larson, Oscar F., ranch hand
Lee, James A., wood.
Lincy, D. A., ranch.
McDonald, A. H., transfer manager D. D. McDonald.
McDONALD, D. D., Hotel, saloon, blacksmith, freighter and rancher.
McDonald, William, rancher.
Milne, James, blacksmith.
Morgan, J. M., ranch.
Noble, John, Jr., with Robert Noble. Noble, John, Sr., with Robert Noble.
NOBLE, ROBERT, Rancher and wool grower.
Olsen, John, wood chopper.
Orr, David, ranch hand.
Pearson, John, ranch hand.
Peterson, Abe, stableman.
Pennana, John, wood.
Pratt, Charles, rancher.
Pratt, William, rancher.
Scott, Frank H., rancher.
Simmons, Charles F., ranch.
SHARE, CHARLES E., Stage Hotel.
Share, Hank, with C. E. Share.
Stanford, Lee A., rancher.
Wallace, C. H., ranch.
Walter, Williard, ranch. Waylett, N. B., teamster.
Young, J. C., milk ranch.

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