Guffey - History and Directory

Extracted from "A historical, descriptive and commercial directory of Owyhee County, Idaho, January 1898." (internet archive).

This village is the present terminal point of the Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railroad, located at the Snake River, thirty miles from Silver City and one mile below the railroad bridge of the B., N. & O. Railroad. The first building was erected May 27, 1897, by Fred Brunzell, and the town now comprises a general store, express and post offices, hotel, blacksmith shop, livery stables, stage barns, boarding-houses, etc., and enjoys a population of over a hundred, with indications of a steady increase.

The railroad bridge at Guffey was completed by the Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railroad Company during the summer of 1897. The height from low water to the track is fifty feet. The bridge consists of two spans, each two hundred and fifty feet in length. The pier and abutments are of concrete, sixty-seven feet high, sixteen feet wide, and thiry-eight feet nine inches at the base.


Anthony, Fred, teamster.
Barry & Phillips, freight line.
Barry, F. R., teamster.
Bell, John, miner.
Bergh, G. A., rancher.
Boise, Nampa & Owyhee R. R. Co., J C. Lindsay, agent.
Bowie, J. B., with C. 0. & I. Stage Co
Bowman, John, teamster.
Brunzell, Alvin, livery stables.
BRUNZELL, FRED, Saloon and ferry.
C., 0. & I. STAGE CO., J. C. Lindsey, agent.
Central Lumber Co., Hugh B. Latham, agent.
Courtney, L. S., with Barry & Phillips.
Davison, R. E.. proprietor Jerkwater placer mines.
Eastman, H. P.. miner.
French, John B., with C. 0. & I. Stage Co.
Fritag, Ernst, laborer.
Gieday, James, teamster.
Gowan, A. L., (Gowan & Peed).
Gowan & Peed, blacksmiths.
Graham, William, teamster.
Grimes & Irby, livery stables.
Grimes, J., (Grimes & Irby).
Hamburg, Mrs. Kate, restaurant.
Hardie, George, miner.
Hawkins, A. H., miner.
Irby, George, (Grimes & Irby).
Kingsley, W. T., with F. B. M. F. Co.
Lackey, A. M., with Barry & Phillips
Latham, Hugh B., manager Central Lumber Co.
LINDSEY, J. C., Railroad, stage and express agent, and postmaster.
Loftus, Andy, section foreman.
McGinty, John, railroad laborer.
McMillan, W., miner.
Matheson, Ed, saloon.
Pacific Express Co., J. C. Lindsey, agent.
Pritchard, Daniel, with G. A. Bergh.
Querry, P., teamster.
Peed, 0. H., (Gowan & Peed).
Ryan, Thomas, railroad laborer.
Smith, Ed, miner.
Smith, J. E., miner.
Smith, R., miner.
Spangler, Leon, manager Falk Block M. & F. Co.
Stofiel, J. H., miner.
Stucker, A. J., blacksmith.
Waylett, N. B., teamster.
Welch, L. 0., miner.
Wilson, W. W., laundry.
Yahrans, George, miner.
York, Charles, miner.
York, Melville, miner.


Robert L. Dean in "Owyhee County (Images of America)," (Arcadia Publishing Company, May 25, 2015) places Guffey at the mouth of Rabbit Creek.

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