Daughters of the American Revolution Members Residing in Idaho, 1911

Extracted from Directory of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution," published Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D. C., 1911. Courtesy "Idaho Volunteers."

State Regent, 1911-12, Mrs. Charles W. Pursell, 916 Hays st, Boise
state Vice Regent, 1911-12, Mrs. Adolph Blitz, 1303 Hays St, Boise
Members Resident in state, 82

68191 Allan, Lottie Jones (Mrs James C.) Boise
48103 Allred, Nancy B. Vance (Mrs R. W.) c/o Citizen's State Bank, Buhl
65261 Batterton, Janet Humphreys (Mrs Charles A.) St. Joe
86548 Bedford, Lalla (Miss)516 S. 6th Av, Caldwell
84019 Bird, Annie Dudley Bedford (Mrs Joseph E.) P. O. Box 224, Caldwell
71092 Blitz, Anna Dudley (Mrs Adolph)1303 Hays St, Boise
71093 Blitz, Anne Dudley (Miss) 1411 W. Franklin St, Boise
81736 Brown, May Johnston (Mrs John) Blackfoot
85283 Brubacher, Floribel Bingley (Mrs Irving C.) Gooding
85284 Bush, Alma Perry (Mrs Frederick C.) Gooding
64385 Cannon, Dell Fulton (Mrs Thomas Tarbell) Twin Falls
73909 Chamberlain, Ella Gilkey (Mrs H. L) Soldiers Home, Boise
62589 Chisman, Susanna Chisman (Mrs Wade) Box 366, Irwin Falls
73069 Coffin, Flora Maria Furry (Mrs) Hailey
67916 Coolbaugh, Katharine (Miss) 1108 N. 16th St, Boise
66467 Coolbaugh, Mary Ellen Lewis (Mrs Robert S.)1108 N. 16th St, Boise
51665 Dubois, Evelyn Maxfield (Mrs Frederick T.) Blackfoot
72807 Earhart, Gertrude (Miss) 108 Warm Springs Av, Boise
80706 Ensign, Anna Plank (Mrs Frank Goodwin) Boise
73910 Erwin, Edith Gillespie (Mrs Richard Patton)1123 State St, Boise
85748 Finney, Julia Velma (Miss) Caldwell
81143 Fisher, R. Glen (Miss) Post Falls
85277 Fitz, May (Mrs George G.) Placerville
64883 Folsom, Allene D. (Miss) 115 State st, Boise
30186 Gageby, Susan A. (Miss)1112 Jefferson St, Boise
73945 Gritman, Bertie (Mrs Charles L.) Moscow
84422 Hall, Lulu (Miss) 410 Overland Block, Boise
44280 Hamilton, Dorothy (Miss) Boise
82432 Hanna, Frances Gore (Mrs) 709 N. 6th St. Boise
44424 Hawkes, Mary Emily Pease (Mrs Winfield Scott) Caldwell
71702 Holt, Ella Sabin Fillins (Mrs Benjamin Merrill) Caldwell
69965 Howard, Ida Muzzy (Mrs Allen) Emmett
85285 Hudelson, Katherine W. (Mrs Robert C.) Gooding
85286 Hudelson, Mary Ellen (Miss) Gooding
68998 Hurtt, Jessie Sterry (Mrs Clarence B.)145 W. Idaho St. Boise
84425 Jackson, Mae E. (Mrs Henry Davis) Wendell
72106 Johnson, Nellie Fullenwider (Mrs Orville Payne) Boise
87436 Kenfield, Grace E. (Miss) Lewiston
87014 Kilbourne, Ella Genevieve (Mrs Edward L.) Spirit Lake
68999 Kirkpatrick, Mary E. Sterry (Mrs Elbert M.) Parma
84764 Kneedler, Mary Frances (Mrs Hiram S.) Caldwell
54705 Lamberton, Imogen Maude (Mrs Charles Harkness) Owyhee Hotel, Boise
22810 Lytle, Anna Webster (Miss) Lewis Hall, Lewiston
35892 Lytle, Mary Elenore (Mrs James Steele) 711 8th Av, Lewiston
80793 McBryde, Gertrude Butterfield (Mrs) Pierce
78507 McGee, Mary E. (Mrs James A.) 400 7th Av & 4th st, Nampa
52018 Morrow, Anna Mary (Miss) 12th & Franklin sts, Boise
69818 Morrow, Vira Skiff (Mrs James B.) 420 Washington St. Boise
65275 Patch, Ernestine Tabor (Mrs Le Roy Vernon) Payette
69478 Pope, Mary L. Lash (Mrs Harry Douglas) Boise
25505 Pursell, Anna Ford (Mrs Charles W.) 916 Hays St, Boise
80391 Reed, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs (George M.) Grangeville
71742 Rice, Alice Tarr (Mrs Lucius C.) St. Anthony
61982 Rice, Dora M. (Miss) Rockland
61983 Rice, Florence Nettie (Miss) Rockland
61981 Rice, Frances J. (Mrs William Jerome) Rockland
84423 Sheldon, Althea Morgan (Miss) 1909 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell
68774 Sheppard, Grace Wyman (Mrs Bradley) 604 Franklin St, Boise
62852 Simmonds, Isabel Dennison (Mrs Elton James) Wardner
85278 Sisk, Anna M. (Miss) 119 N. 17th st. Boise
81548 Sisk, Lizzie Moore (Mrs Stephen M.) 119 N. 17th St, Boise
68775 Stayner, Harriet Holtenhouse (Mrs Bernard L.) 1115 O'Farrell St, Boise
39831 Steely, Bertrice Hobart Smith (Mrs Oscar Baker) Pocatello
45864 Stewart, Emily (Miss) 704 Franklin St, Boise
85279 Stofiel, Catherine Sisk (Mrs James H.) R. F. D. No. 1, Box 153, Boise
71536 Stone, Louise Finney (Mrs Ward) Caldwell
83730 Titus, Frances Pond (Mrs) 1016 Eastman St, Boise
66959 Travis, Annie M. (Mrs Benjamin F.) Canyon Creek
66960 Travis, Mary L. (Miss) Canyon Creek
73255 Van Boskirk, Fay (Miss) 712 Franklin St, Boise
75034 Van Riper, Stella Hart (Mrs Edgar L.) Buhl
53502 Walters, Minerva Ginter (Mrs Theodore A.) Caldwell
41467 Warner, Edith May Saunders (Mrs Joseph) Walton
57668 Weaver, Mabel Lucella Payne (Mrs Lawrence Jacob) Mountain Home
85281 Whitely, Mabel M. (Mrs B. M.) 1317 River St, Boise
84424 Wiley, Clara Austin (Mrs Pliny A.) Caldwell
41275 Williams, Minerva A. (Miss) Boise
70529 Wilson, Elizabeth Tate (Mrs Alexander P.)1419 Washington St, Boise
8379 Winchester, Stella Louise (Miss) Wendell
79591 Wood, Clara Louise (Miss) R. F. D. No. 2, Boise
68776 Wyman, Elizabeth Bordwell (Mrs Edward S.) 604 Franklin St, Boise

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