Fur Traders and Trading Posts

Northwest Company, Kullyspell Trading Post - Idaho's first trading-post, 1809 (Bonner County), by C. J. Brosnan
Missouri Company, Fort Henry, Fremont County (1810), by C. J. Brosnan
Pacific Fur Company & John Reed (Reid), Boise River 1813
Along the Oregon Trail
Nathaniel J. Wyeth and Fort Hall, (1834) by Brosnan
Old Hudson Bay Fort Boise (1834 - 1855), by Brosnan
Fremont through Idaho, 1843, (stops at Ft Hall and Ft. Boise) by Brosnan
19th Century Forts & Military Installations, at Digital Atlas of Idaho
Trading and Military Posts by Hawley

Sketches of the Inter-Mountain States, Idaho
Exploration of Baker County, Oregon


The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, Digested from his Journal, by Washington Irving, originally published in 1837
Bio of Duncan McDonald
19th Century Forts & Military Installations, Digital Atlas of Idaho
History of Idaho by C. J. Brosnan, at archive.org
Fur Trader Posts in Idaho, Idaho State Historical Society, Reference Series, No. 62
Alexander Ross' Journal, 1824
John Work's Journal, 1830-31

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