Boise County

"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Boise County. Organized 1864. Bounded on the nortb by Idaho County, east by Alturas, south by Alturas and Ada, and west by Ada County. Area, 3,200 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, 872,396 and paid in to the Territorial Treasury $10,648. County seat, Idaho City. Principal towns: Banner City, Centerville, Pioneer City, and Placerville. Its resources are almost entirely limited to its alluvial deposits of gold and its rich and valuable go!d and silver quartz ledges. This county contains the famous Boise Basin, which covers an area of about 20 miles in length by about 10 miles in width, and is considered to be the richest and most populous district in Idaho Territory, embracing within its limits the majority of the principal towns in the county. This Basin is the most extensive mining region yet discovered in the Territory. Silver Hill District is situated on the divide between the waters of the Payette and Crooked rivers, the latter being a branch of the North Fork of the Boise Kiver. Timber and water are plentiful throughout the county, and invaluable for mining purposes. The climate is mild, dry, and pleasant during the summer and fall seasons; but the severity of the weather and the heavy fall of snow during the winter season greatly retard the progress of mining operations.

Officers: M. U. Moore, County Judge; George Ainslie, District Attorney; Samuel Stewart, Sheriff; James Moriarty, Recorder, and Auditor; John Brodbeck, Treasurer; John Gorman, Tax Collector, and Assessor; H. Zipf, Coroner; John McGuinness, Superintendent Public Schools.

Boonville, Owyhee Co,

P O address Silver City, 2 miles n w of Silver City
Brunzell John, hotel

Boston, Boise Co,

P O address Centerville, 12 miles s w of Idaho City
Crafts G W, general merchandise
Dobbs A, butcher
Fisher J B, blacksmith, and liquor saloon

Cariboo Mines, Oneida Co,

P O address, Soda Springs, 11.5 miles n e of Malad City
Perkins J W, general merchandise

Centerville, Boise Co,

P O 8 miles n w of Idaho City, thirty-five miles north east of Boise City, four miles eust of Placerville, and six miles south of Pioneer, receiving its name from its location, is on the west bank of Grimes Creek, about the center of the celebrated Boise Basin, noted for the golden wealth of its placers. The first discovery of gold in Boise Basin was made within two miles of the present town site, in August, 1S62, and the placers still continue to yield the precious metal being worked by the hydraulic process, water for which is supplied at a cost of twenty cents per inch, and heads of 100 to 200 Inches are used. Gold and silver bearing quartz vein have been found and are worked with promises of great success, giving assurance of the permanancy of the mining Interest. The town has a population of about 500, one half being Chinese, and contains the usual hotels, business houses, etc. Daily stages connect it with Idaho City, Pioneer City, and Placerville.

Beardsley Jerome, groceries and liquors
Beardsley J & Co, blacksmiths
Brousau, Joseph, shoe maker
Channel B F, money broker
Cartwright George, hay and grain
Church & Co, lumber manufacturers
CRAFTS G W, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Dempsey S, livery stable
Dobbs A, butcher
Hardin & Daly, butchers
Harman Frank, physician and druggist
Heoflin Frederick, cabinet maker
Jones K, carpenter and builder
Meffert C C, hotel
Moore P J, postmaster
Perr Louis, hotel

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