"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Clear Water, Nez Perce Co, P O

Sateler Charles, blacksmith
Silverwood J F, postmaster
Warner 0, general merchandise

Clifton, Oneida Co, P O,

40 miles n e of Malad City
Chadwick Joseph, general merchandise, (Five Mile Creek)
Davis Riley, blacksmith
Howell Henry N, postmaster
Moore James S, physician

Corbett's Station, Oneida Co, P O

100 miles n of Malad City
Corbett Almira, postmistress, and hotel
Dunn Henry, stock dealer
Hyram Charles, butcher
Just Nelson, dairyman
Misslen John, carpenter
Misslen Leon, stock dealer
Staner Abraham, teacher

Eagle Rock, Oneida Co, P O,

120 miles n of Malad City
Anderson Robert, general merchandise, and hotel
Heald Israel, postmaster

Elk City, Nez Perce Co, P O

120 miles s e of Lewiston
Binnard Berka, general merchandise
Motton Giles, hotel
Sears George, butcher
Sutler Charles, blacksmith
Ziegle John G, postmaster, and general merchandise

Elk Creek, Idaho Co

Shearer F A, hotel, and general merchandise

Emmettsville, Ada Co, P O

25 miles w of Boise City Basey D, dairy produce
Brown A, hotel
Bundge Fanny Miss, teacher
Bundge William, physician
Gill L, stock dealer
Martin Nathan, postmaster
Murey D, butcher
Newcomb J L, painter
Sayne Adam, attorney at law
Smith & Walker, lumber manufacturers
Wammick (Wommack) Alexander, blacksmith, and wagon maker

Fairview, Owyhee Co, P O

Boiman E, shoe maker
Boyle John T, general merchandise
Brown & Herman, general merchandise
Butterman C, groceries
Collins Frederick, butcher
Dorsey David, butcher
Francis J C, druggist
Fraser W H, hotel
Hardeman William, general merchandise
Jones & McCreary, boarding, and liquor saloon
Kittle Thomas, liquor saloon
McAulit A, shoe maker
Owens & Williams, liquor saloon
Reinhart L. B, hotel and meat market
Schumacher L, photographer
Sommercamp & Co, liquor saloon
Titus & Constantine, restaurant
Toy John, hotel
Umber Charles, postmaster
Williams & Noy, liquor saloon

Falks' Store, Ada Co, P O

36 miles n w of Boise City
Baker EM, hotel
Falk D & Bro, general merchandise
Fonts J E, teacher
Patton James W, postmaster
Stuark W, hotel
Wommack Asa, blacksmith

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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