"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Granite Creek, Boise Co,

P O address, Placerville, 16 miles n w of Idaho City
Counaughton Martin, liquor saloon
Counaughton Peter, hotel
Dunskin Alexander & Co, general merchandise
Healey C & Co, general merchandise
Leary John, livery stable
Ranft Philip, liquor saloon
Reardon Jerry, blacksmith
Stevens William, blacksmith

Horse Shoe Bend, Boise Co,

P O 30 miles n w of Idaho City
Allendar George Rev, clergyman
Clark Henry H, postmaster, hotel, and general merchandise
Dougherty Lee, blacksmith
Fleming E E & Co, flour, and lumber manufacturers
Stone G T, carpenter

Idaho City, Boise Co,

incorporated February 1st, 1864, P O and County seat, distant 36 miles n e of Boise City. It is built at the confluence of Elk and Moore Creeks. Next to Boise City, the capital, it is the largest city in Idaho Territory. The rich and extensive placer mines existing in its immediate neighborhood, are its main support. Several gold and silver bearing quartz ledges have been discovered in its vicinity. About two miles to the southwest of the city are a number of warm springs, which are a favorite place of resort to the inhabitants of the district during the summer and fall months. Daily lines of stages run to Winuemucca, Central Pacific Railroad via Boise City, and also to Umatilla, on. the Columbia River, Oregon, there connecting with the Oregon Steam Navigation Company's steamers for Portland. One newspaper, "The Idaho World", is published semi-weekly.

Ainslie George, attorney at law
Bailey Simpson, physician, and dentist
Barry Thomas, general merchandise
Belknap D H, physician
Bennett George W, furniture
Black H, vegetables
Black W W, livery and feed stable
Brodbeck John, fruits, and cigars
Brown Jonas W, attorney at law
Cave Josiah, blacksmith
Cooper Frank, baths
Corcoran John, boots and shoes
CRAFTS G W, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Dickson Thomas, tailor
Dulioux Jules, groceries, and liquors
Dunigan George, hotel
Emory J B, general merchandise
Emory J B Mrs, dry goods
First National Bank
Foote K C, attorney at law
Foster John, hotel
Freidinger Henry, baker, and confectioner
Fulmer Edward, general merchandise
Garrecht John, butcher
Gedennett —, upholsterer
Good John, barber
Harley John, blacksmith
Haug N, brewery, and liquor saloon
Hay & Cowan, blacksmiths
IDAHO WORLD, Idaho World Printing Co, proprietors
Jones Heman, wagon maker
Kimmel D B, watch maker, and jeweler
Kingsley C S, attorney at law, merchandise, and millinery
Krober William, assayer
Lauer & Swinn, general merchandise
Ledyard H C, dentist
Lester & Ferguson, carpenters
Lodge B F, jeweler and watch maker
Luney M G, hotel
Marre G, stoves, tinware, and hardware
Mautz Charles, shoe maker
McClintock & Stewart, livery stable
McDevitt & Rowe, butchers
Mellenovitch Martin, restaurant
Miller Francis & Co, soda factory
Moore C W & Co, bankers
Morrill, Tompkins & West, lumber manufacturers
Payne W, carpenter
Rothwell William J, physician
Runyan John, painter, and paper hanger
Scheffer A, physician
SILSBY S C, postmaster, books, stationery, toys, and tobacco
Simpson B, physician, and dentist
Strauss A, commission and storage
Stuck & Eli, carpenters
Thorne M, dentist
Tincker & Holland, liquor saloon
Willis Beverly, lumber manufacturer
Wulff S W, auctioneer, and commission merchant
Wulff & Miller, soda manufacturers
Zapp Matt, liquor saloon
Zipf H, physician, and druggist

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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