"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Idaho County

Organized in 1864. Bounded on the north by Nez Perce, east by Lemhi, south by Alturas, Boise and Ada, and west by the State of Oregon, from which it is separated by Snake River. Area 8,500 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, 137,729. County seat, Washington. Principal towns: Warren Diggings, Slate Creek, and Florence. Rich placer diggings exist on the tributaries of the Salmon River. which takes its rise in this county. These mines were discovered in 1861, at the head of Meadow Creek, within a short distance of Florence, and for a short time paid largely. Many valuable quartz veins have been found in the county, some of which are mined with profit. Two steam-power mills and numerous arastras are proving the value of the gold-bearing ledges. Idaho County comprises within its limits a number of fertile valleys, containing extensive tracts of valuable farming land. A large portion of the county is covered with a dense growth of pine, exceedingly valuable for building and mining purposes.

Officers: Peter Grogan, County Judge; B. F. Morris, Clerk, Recorder, and Auditor; John Clark, District Attorney; C. W. Case, Sheriff ; George Church, Treasurer; J. M. Auchinvoll, Tax Collector, and Assessor; Jesse Harmer, Coroner; J. J. Manuel, Superintendent Public Schools.

Indian Creek, Alturas Co,

75 miles s w of Rocky Bar
Corder James O, hotel

Indian Valley, Ada Co,

P O 90 miles n w of Boise City
Curtis John G, postmaster, and general merchandise
Spoon Isaac, pork packer
Weddle William, blacksmith

Iowa Bar, Oneida Co,

P O 139 miles — of Washington
Benton A K, millwright
Hartley William, postmaster
Moore Hezekiah, general merchandise
Perkins k Robbins, general merchandise
Smith H T, butcher
Vallen Paul, carpenter

John Day's Creek, Idaho Co,

P O 80 miles n w of Washington
Berg A, general merchandise
Chandemarch Victor, blacksmith
Elfers J H, postmaster, hotel, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturer
Harrard J G, fur dealer
Oglesby Stephen, lumber manufacturer

Junction, Lemhi Co,

P O 50 miles s e of Salmon City
Stephenson A M, postmaster, and hotel
Winters M C, teacher

Keenan City, Oneida Co.,

P O 130 miles n of Malad City
Moore & Crane, general merchandise
Perkins Joseph W, postmaster
Perkins & Robbins, general merchandise
Winchell William, brewery

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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