"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Lewiston, Nez Perce Co,

Incorporated Dec. 27, 1866, Post Office and County seat, distant 240 miles north of Boise City, is situated at the junction of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. This point is the head of steamboat navigation on the Snake River, and steamers ply regularly between it and the Dalles, on the Columbia River, during the summer season. Daily stages run to and from Wallula, W. T., and Montana Territory. The town derives its support entirely from the surrounding mining districts. It was once in a very flourishing condition, but now contains a very limited population. One newspaper, the Northerner, is published weekly.

Baird Bros, proprietors Baird Bros' Express
Baldwin Bros, general merchandise
Billings T S, saddles and harness
Bittner E Mrs, hotel
Bonner J J, paints and oils
Brasher J, assayer and banker
Bunker & Squior, liquor saloon
Bunnell C C, stoves, tinware, hardware, farming and mining implements
Clark John, attorney at law
Coburn & Wardwell, butchers
Cooper C, harness and saddlery
Curry J M. livery stable
Damas Alfred, general morchandise
Dunwell D W, proprietors Pierce City Express
Dorr James, dentist
Edwards & Trumble, liquor saloon
Fenn S S, attorney at law
Gage James, general morchandise
Gilman A, liquor saloon
Glass George, shoemaker
Grostein & Binnard, general merchandise
Harris E Z, liquor saloon
Hexter & Alexander, general merchandise
Holbrook N B, livery stable
Howe J M, attorney at law
Hull G W, blacksmith and machine shop
Isham A E, attorney at law
Kearney James, boot and shoe maker
Kress C G, watch maker and jeweler
Kelley M A, physician
Langford W G, attorney at law
LeFrancois Madame, hotel
Leland Alonzo, attorney at law
Lewis Marian, hotel
LOWENBERG BROS, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
McGregor Alexander, postmaster
McGuire James, bakery
Minoma J B, carpenter
Monroe R J, drugs, medicines, stationery, oils, etc
Moxley J Q, physician
Mulkey Wesley, butcher
Mulkey & Storey, blacksmiths
NORTHERNER, W C Whitson proprietor
Rand Jasper, attorney at law
Rowley L, carpenter and cabinet maker
Saux Raymond, hotel
Spalding C E, watch maker and jeweler
Stainton H W, physician
Thatcher C A, provisions, lumber, stationery, varieties, and sewing machines
True E B, civil engineer and surveyor
Vollmer John P, general merchandise
Walker Columbus, watch maker and jeweler
Weisgerber Ernst, brewery, and liquor saloon
WHITSON W C, proprietor Northerner
Williams M M, carpenter and contractor
Wintsch Conrad, bakery, liquors, cigars

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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