"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Liberty, Oneida Co.

P O 85 miles e of Malad City Austin Edward, blacksmith
Austin E N, postmaster
Derricott Joseph, clog maker
Hancock Henry, shoe maker
Hymas W A, butcher
Kennington W H, shingle and lath manufacturer
Martin John, machinist
Matthews Samuel, shingle and lath manufacturer
Ostiline H, lumber manufacturer

Lower Boise, Ada Co.

P O 45 miles w of Boise City
Gess Thomas, teacher
Morrow S, blacksmith
Painter Mrs, teacher
Peterson Charles J F, postmaster
Turjui T, blacksmith

Malad City, Oneida Co, P O and County seat

200 miles east of Boise City, is situated at the head of the valley of the same name, 50 miles north of Corinne, Utah, and on the stage road leading to Montana. The population is about 1,500, and being In the midst of one of the best agricultural sections of the Territory, and made accessible by its proximitv to the Central Pacific Rail road at Corinne, and also" to the Utah Northern at Soda Springs, it bids fair to become the most important and populous town of Idaho. The town enjoys a large trade with the surrounding country. Two schools are maintained, for which the public funds afford ample support, and it is the place for holding the United States and Territorial District Courts.

Berger M, hotel, and general merchandise
Cohn Meyers, general merchandise
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
DAVIS E J, postmaster
DAVIS E J & CO, lumber manufacturers
Dudley Joseph, teacher
Evans Henry R, teacher
Evans K G, teacher
Higbee L P, attorney at law
Huston J W, attorney at law
Jones C P, shoe maker
Jones Lewis, tailor
Jones W H, general merchandise
Jones W P, shoe maker
Lewis John, butcher
Lewis W S, teacher
Morgan John, carpenter
Morgan J W, physician
Morgan M, general merchandise
Nicholas John, shoe maker
Oley John, blacksmith
Peck Henry Rev, clergyman
Requa Charles, liquor saloon
Richards W Rev, clergyman
Sherman Adna, physician
Vanderwood A W, general merchandise
Waylott W H, teacher
WHITE B F, attorney at law, and proprietor Oneida Salt Works
Williams John J, blacksmith
Zwarth & Co, liquor saloon

Manuel Ranch, Idaho Co

Manuel John J, postmaster

Market Lake, Oneida Co, P O 130 miles n of Malad City

Adams John N , postmaster, and general merchandise

Marsh Valley, Oneida Co.

P O address Malad City, 20 miles north of Malad City
Cohn Meyers, general merchandise
Ireland J N, hotel, and general merchandise
Pearson B, general merchandise
Woodland William & Co. lumber manufacturers

Middleton, Ada Co, P O 25 miles w of Boise City

Bixbee &mdashp;, general merchandise
Cumnmings L, liquor saloon
Groves William, shoe maker
Jenkins M R, postmaster, butcher, and hotel
Kelsey Mrs, teacher
Masterton D, blacksmith
Robinson Charles, blacksmith
Stephenson J M & Co, general merchandise, and flour manufacturer
Van Dusen —, blacksmith
Wright J B, physician

Montpelier, Oneida Co, P O 95 miles e of Malad City

Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Osborn David, postmaster
Robison & Co, salt manufacturers

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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