"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Payette Store, Ada Co.

P O 40 miles n w of Boise City
Allender G C Rev, clergyman
Applegate S VV Rev, clergyman
Baker E M, hotel
Beller J E, hotel
Clark E C, shoe maker
Goodwin M H, carpenter
Johnson W C, teacher
McFarland Andrew J, poetmaster, justice of the peace, and general merchandise
Neal J, blacksmith, and gunsmith
Paddock Isaac, shoe maker
Paddock J H, blacksmith
Paddock M, gunsmith

Payetteville, Ada Co.

P O 43 miles n w of Boise City
Hunt George W, postmaster

Pelouse Bridge, Nez Perce Co.

P O 38 miles s of Lewiston
Atwood James T, postmaster, and stock raiser

Pen d'Oreille, Kootenai Co

Warren Shep, postmaster

Pierce City, Shoshone Co, P O and County seat

450 miles north of Boise City, is a small mining town, situated on the north bank of the Oro Fino River, at the mouth of Canal Gulch.
Carle Francis, carpenter and joiner
Damas Hammond, general merchandise
Dunwell D W C, proipriotor Lewiston Express
Fraser D M, general merchandise
Gullusrud H, shoe maker
Jones C D, hydraulic hose maker, and blacksmith
Mauli & Haucady, butchers
Molloy John, liquor saloon
Rodgers John, postmaster
Silverwood J T, butcher
Swendson Christopher, hotel
Yantis R L, general merchandise

Pine Creek, Nez Perce Co, P O

Brewer William, postmaster, and hotel
Cash Jesse, teacher
Harlow H C, blacksmith
McNeal H W, cheese dairy
Otterson James, blacksmith
Powers William, general merchandise
Truax George, wagon maker

Pine Grove, Alturas Co,

P O 20 miles e of Rocky Bar
Golden G D, postmaster

Pioneerville, or Pioneer City, Boise Co

P O 13 miles north west of Idaho City, and 49 miles northeast of Boise City, is built upon the east bank of Grimes Creek. This mining town was the first one built in the county, the first building having been erected in October, 1862. A point about six miles lower down the creek was the scene of the murder by the Indians of one of the pioneer prospectors of the Territory named Grimes, after whom the creek has ever since been called.
Cannady John M, postmaster
Connolly S B, carpenter, and upholsterer
Daviner V S & Co, general merchandise
Garrity Michael, hotel, and livery stable
Gavard Francois, liquor saloon
Hull & Tucker, wood dealers
Lind Adam, blacksmith
Madigan & Cannady, general merchandise
Murphy Peter, boot maker
Noonan P H, butcher
Smith George W, groceries
Stadtmiller James, brewery, and liquor saloon
Stevenson E A, attorney at law
Stokes Richard, butcher
Veasey John, liquor saloon
Wilson Ben, attorney at law, and lumber manufacturer

Placerville, Boise Co.

P O 16 miles n w of Idaho City and 40 miles northeast of Boise City. Connected with the latter by means of daily stage line. Incorporated in 1864, which Act was repealed in 1866.
Anderson Chris, liquor saloon
Bouland A J, cabinet maker
Buckley Margaret Mrs, hotel
Campbell Frederick, watch maker, and jeweler
Carvan Andrew, barber
Cathcart Martin, shoemaker
Church A G & Co. lumber manufacturers
Davison J W, hotel
Diehl & Martin, blacksmiths
Donovan Daniel, liquor saloon
Eagan James, justice of the peace
Fahey James, tinsmith
Folsom Andrew, carpenter
Garrett, Hayes & Co, butchers
Holdon D C, carpenter
Kohney Charles, brewery, and liquor saloon
Langrie P, cabinet maker
McKay James, liquor saloon
Merrill John, tinsmith
Myer John, postmaster
Myer & Smith, drugs, and varieties, and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
O'Donnell & Co, butchers
Orchard Alexander, livery stable
Rothwell W J, physician
Saunders John E, carpenter
Steckles D Mrs, restaurant
Thompson James, liquor saloon
Weiler & Smith, general merchandise
Witt J V R, general merchandise

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