"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Pleasant Valley, Oneida Co

P O 190 miles n of Malad City
Mantle Lee, postmaster, and hotel

Quartzburgh, Boise Co.

P O 15 miles n w of Idaho City
Allen R G, postmaster, and general merchandise
Bakle & Coughanour, liquor saloon
Chase Mrs, milliner
Combs & Fenner, liquor saloon
Foster John, hotel
Gillum A, barber
Hanifin J, hotel
Hawkins H H, livery stable
Logieur A, livery stable
Morrison A, liquor saloon
Peters John, varieties

Red Rock, Oneida Co

P O address, Oxford Brindley George, tinsmith
Hancock Charles, millwright

Rocky Bar, Alturas Co, P O and Countyseat,

100 miles e of Boise City, is located at the confluence of Bear and Steel Creeks. The silver-bearing ledges in its vicinity were discovered in 1863. A weekly stage runs regularly between it and Boise City, connecting with the stage line for Winuemucca.
Adin Joseph, general merchandise
Anderson V S, attorney at law
Callahan Warren P, postmaster, and general merchandise
Campbell M, butcher
Clement Joseph A, blacksmith, and lumber manufacturer
Cummings R, hotel
Dilley S B, attorney at law, and probate judge
Hicks S F Mrs, hotel
Kelley William, attorney at law
Marshall R W, physician
Mullally William, liquor saloon
Newcomer S Mrs, hotel
Nichols J R, hotel
Pfeiffer A & J, general merchandise
Sidebotham R A, attorney at law
Spencer William H, blacksmith
Swanholm Henry, general merchandise
Taylor S E, liquor saloon
Valley Gold Mining Co, lumber manufacturers
Winklebach John, liquor saloon

Ross Fork, Oneida Co

P O 75 miles n of Malad City
Ferguson Thomas, blacksmith
Fisher Frank, stock dealer
Fisher S G, postmaster
High & Fisher, general merchandise
High & Stout, stock dealers
Shoemaker A, physician

Salmon City, Lemhi Co, P O and County seat

200 miles northeast of Boise City, is situated at the junction of the Salmon and Lemhi rivers, at an elevation of 4,130 feet above the level of the sea. The town is at the head of "prairie schooner" navigation, but carries on a considerable trade with the surrounding mining region by means of pack trains, and with the farmers and stock raisers of the Lemhi Valley, in the usual manner. This valley is quite extensive and fertile, and produces largely of all kinds of grain and vegetables. The region is extremely healthy, but subject to severe cold in winter, the mercury of the thermometer showing 46° below zero during the winter of 1874-5. Corrinne, on the C. P. R. R., is the depot of trade for this county.
Amonson & McPherson, boot and shoe makers
Beatte E F, attorney at law
Carter C, carpenter
Ellis Wilson, butcher
Finell & Stahl, blacksmiths
Finster & Wentz, livery stable
Jacobs C, carpenter
McGarvey Thomas, salmon dealer
McNutt & Phillips, general merchandise
Mulky E, hotel
Potts David, livery stable
Shirk J, carpenter
SHUUP George L, postmaster, and general merchandise
Snook John, painter
Spahn M & Co, groceries, saloon, and brewery
Stahl David, carpenter
Williams K, hotel, and livery stable

Salubria, Ada Co.

P O 80 miles n w of Boise City
Allison A, blacksmith
Allison W, surveyor
Cole D T, carpenter
Cuddy & Tine, flour, and lumber manufacturers
Grab C, shoe maker, and justice of the peace
Herrald H C, teacher
Holm John, shoe maker
Jewell E S, postmaster
Ohson Peter, butcher
Robertson S A, physician
Wade J D, carpenter
Wilkerson, M B, attorney at law

Shearer's Ferry, Idaho Co, P O

Shearer F A, postmaster

Shoshone County

Organized in 1864. Bounded on the north by Kootenai County, south by Nez Perce County, east by Montana Territory, west by Kootenai and Nez Perce Counties. Area, 3,000 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $49,260. County seat, Pierce City. Oro Fino at one time existed as a thriving mining town but has ceased to present claims to importance. The resources of the county remain undeveloped, being at present limited to the gold placer diggings existing on the Oro Fino and Rhodes Creeks. The surface of the county is generally mountainous; and. as but very small tracts of fertile land exist along the river bottoms, in an agricultural sense it is valueless. It contains an abundance of good timber for manufacturing purposes.
Officers: W. V. Hesketh, Probate Judge; John Clark, District Attorney: John Rodgers, Sheriff and Tax Collector; D. M. Fraser, Recorder, and Auditor; B. L. Yantis, Treasurer; C. F. Brown, Assessor; P. Streeter, Coroner, I. B. Cowen, Superintendent Public Schools.

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