"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Silver City, Owyhee Co P O and County seat

65 miles south of Boise City, is a straggling city covering about 80 acres of land, and situated on a branch of Jordan Creek, the centre of one of the richest mining districts in Idaho. A high and precipitous ridge separates it from Snake River, which is about ten miles distant. Some of its buildings are constructed of granite, but the majority of them are built of wood. It derives its chief support from a number of rich silver quartz ledges in the neighborhood, upon which about a dozen quartz mills are in active operation. The mining localities of Silver City are locally designated as Ruby Hill, War Eagle, and South Mountain. At each of these places are mines which have acquired a world-wide celebrity, and have produced many millions of dollars. The most noted are the Poorman, Pauper, War Eagle, Ida Elmore, Golden Chariot, South Chariot, Empire, Mahogany, Bay State, and Golconda. The veins are numerous, and generally do not exceed a few feet in thickness, but are rich in silver, chloride ores predominating near the surface, changing to ruby silver, or antimonial sulphurets, below the line of water in the mine. West and northwest of the city is a vein of porphyry, formitig a mountain about 1 1/2 miles long, half mile wide, and 1,000 feet high, said to assay $3 per ton. All the gulches heading in this mountain have been rich in gold, and horn silver has also been found in some of them. Placer tin in small quantities and three veins of tinstone have also been discovered in the vicinity. The summer seasons are short but very pleasant, while the winters are long and severe. Daily stages run to and from Winnemucca, 208 miles distant, and Boise City. One newspaper, the Avalanche, is published daily.
Anderson D & Co, hotel
AVALANCHE, W J Hill, proprietor
Barbour Clitus, attorney at law
Bass & St Clair, foundry
Bigelow W D, general merchandise
Biggerstaff & Creek, wines and liquors
Blackinger V, hotel
Boyd George, tinware
Brancell F, groceries
Brooks Harrison, liquor saloon
Brooks Joseph & Son, general merchandise
Burgi P, physician
Cahill J, assayer
Colmache E, physician
Curtis E J, attorney at law
Denning Mathew, butcher
Dewey A H, liquor saloon
Dickey — Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Eastman & Regan, hotel
Ensign Frank E, attorney at law
Fox & Co, blacksmiths
Friedlander —, tailor
Gardner James H, general merchandise
Graham James, general merchandise
GREATHOUSE G L. agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Grete F, barber
Grete John, liquor saloon
Haas A, probate judge, and justice of the peace
Hardiman William, general merchandise
Hays C M, attorney at law, notary public, and agent N W Stage Co
Heckman J H, watches and jewelry
Heidelberger Samuel, stationery, periodicals, tobacco, notions, and produce
HILL W J, proprietor Avalanche
Hoffer & Miller, butchers
Hunt Frank M, liquors
Hyman Henry, general merchandise
Johnson R Z, attorney at law
Johnson & Wessels, general merchandise
Jones T W, furniture, doors, sashes, and lumber
Jones & French, liquor saloon
Lackey A, watch maker, and jeweler
Laud H, tailor
Lebrecht A, cigars and tobacco
Lestie H E, photographer
Lewis E, groceries, clothing, and tobacco
Lobenstein E, general merchandise
Locke D, dentist
Lubelski R Mrs, groceries, provisions, candies, cigars and tobacco
Maddock & Co, assayers
Martin Henry, attorney at law
Miller R T, milliner
Moore C W & Co, bankers
Moore Edward H, postmaster, and stationery, candies, tobacco, etc
Myers Henry & Co, general merchandise
Newsom & Price, dentists
Nugent Edward, attorney at law
Owens & Williams, liquor saloon (Half Way House)
Pearson T W, harness and saddlery
Peters A W, physician
Price Mrs, millinery and dress making
Rappe Louis, watches and jewelry
Reed & Johnson, boot makers
Regan & Co, livery stable
Rupert J A, drugs and medicines, watches and jewelry, firearms, and cutlery
Sans Chris, bakery
Shea, Con & Co, lumber manufacturers
Shuster P, fruits
Simondi A L, assayer
Skinner Silas liquors, hay, and grain(Troat Creek Station,)
Smith A Noel, physician
Smith Brothers, drugs, medicines and varieties
Sominercamp W F & Co, brewery, and liquor saloon
Tregaskis R, butcher
Upham John, carpenter
Vass George, house and sign painter, and paper hanger
Vincent Dow, stage proprietor
Walker Lewis, barber
War Eagle Mill Co, flour manufacturers
Webster —, liquor saloon Weeks R H, stoves, tinware, and hardware
Wells A H, barber
Wickersham J H, justice of the peace, and insurance agent

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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