"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Slate Creek, Idaho Co.

P O 75 miles n w of Washington
Cone F C, hotel
HUssey James & Co, general merchandise
Noggle D L, postmaster

Soda Springs, Oneida Co.

P O 70 miles n e of Malad City
Anderson Nels, blacksmith
Bowman James, varieties
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Hale Solomon H, livery stable
Raymond C J, mill proprietor
Rose C G, general trader
Sterrett W W, postmaster, and hotel
Tunley B M Rev, clergyman
Young & Hale, liquor saloon

South Mountain, Owyhee Co

Baggs & Donnelly, liquor saloon
Bateman & Ford, liquor saloon
Brunzell & Erikson, liquor saloon
Dunning Matt, butcher
Furey C H, general merchandise, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Lacey M, hotel
Lemp Brothers, brewery
McCray P, stage agent
Myers Henry & Co, general merchandise
Palmer Brothers, hotel
Rupert & Booth, drugs, medicines, paints, oils, etc
Ryan J H, liquor saloon
Ryan & Malloy, liquor saloon
Shea Brothers, butchers

Squaw Creek, Boise Co

P O 40 miles w n w of Idaho City
Mitchell William S, postmaster

St. Charles, Oneida Co.

P O 100 miles s e of Malad City
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Pugmire J, postmaster

Thorne Creek, Nez Perce Co.

P O 15 miles n of Lewiston
Deacon H W, postmaster

Wagontown, Owyhee Co.

P O address, Silver City, 9 miles n w of Silver City
Walls Thomas, hotel, and general merchandise
Walls & Co, general merchandise

Warren's Diggings, Idaho Co. (See Washington)

Washington, Idaho Co.

P O and County seat 200 miles north of Boise City and 935 miles via Winnenuiccu and the C. P. R. R. from San Francisco. The town was located in 1862 upon the discovery of gold in the neighborhood. The placers are still worked with some success, and several gold-bearing quartz veins are also profitably mined. At Warren's Diggings and vicinity, 13 miles south of Washington, are mines that pay well. Two weekly mails are received by stage, one from Lewiston, the head of navigation on Snake River, and the other from Boise City via Indian Valley. The severity of winter and the scarcity of population render travel difficult at that season.
Church George, hotel
Clark &, Carl, liquor saloon
Crooks & Bentz, butchers
Dyer G W, blacksmith
Edwards & Trimble, liquor saloon Freidenrick A, postmaster, and general merchandise
Gast &. Saux, liquor saloon
Grostein & Binnard, general merchandise
Hofen Leo, assayer, and banker
Mathison J & Co, lumber merchants
May Levi, general merchandise
Sears C A, druggist, and physician

Washoe, Ada Co.

P O 55 miles s w of Boise City
Hanity James, postmaster

Weiser, Ada Co.

P O 71 miles n w of Boise City
Jeffreys Bros, hotel
Jeffreys Woodson, postmaster

Weston, Oneida Co.

P O 18 miles a e of Malad City
Clarke John H, postmaster
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Gill William, machinist
Jespersen A P, flour manufacturer
Neilsen J C, blacksmith

White Bird, Idaho Co.

P O address Manuel Ranch, 90 miles n w of Washington
Benedic S, blacksmith
Doumecy J, butcher
Masson H, general merchandise, and liquor saloon
Schneider, Charles & Co, general merchandise

from Langley's Directory at archive.org

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