Historic Value of Metal Production for Idaho, 1860-1980 Cumulative Totals by Mining Area

Extracted from "Gold Camps & Silver Cities (Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho)," by Merle W. Wells

Atlanta $ 16,000,000   Miller's Camp-Secesh 500,000
Banner 3,000,000   Mineral City 800,000
Bay Horse-Clayton 42,000,000   Muldoon 200,000
Bear Valley 12,800,000   Neal 2,000,000
Big Creek 400,000   Newsome-Golden 2,940,000
Blackbird (Cobalt) 49,000,000   Orogrande 640,000
Boise Basin 60,000,000   Owyhee 90,000,000
Boise Ridge 428,000   Palouse 340,000
Boise River 450,000   Patterson 10,000,000
Buffalo Hump 540,000   Pearl 400,000
Cariboo Mountain 1,200,000   Pend d'Oreille 2,000,000
Clark's Fork 2,500,000   Pierce 8,000,000
Coeur d'Alene 3,845,732.000*   Porthill 4,500,000
Deadwood 1,200,000   Rocky Bar-Pine 6,090,000
Dixie (South Fork Clearwater) 1,500,000   Salmon River Bars 2,500,000
Elk City 16,000,000   Seafoam-Greyhound 400,000
Era and Martin 400,000   Seven Devils-Heath 2,800,000
Florence 9,600,000   South Mountain 1,900,000
Germania-Livingston 650,000   Stanley 900,000
Gibbonsville 2,000,000   Stibnite 53,000,000
Gilmore 11,600,000   Thunder Mountain 500,000
Hailey Gold Belt 1,000,000   Ulysses 600,000
Leadore 300,000   Vienna-Sawtooth City 800,000
Leesburg 5,420,000   Viola 2,500,000
Lemhi 1,990,000   Warren 16,120,000
Little Lost River 2,000,000   Weiser Mercury 8,000,000
Little Smoky 1,200,000   Wood River 62,000,000
Long Valley 3,500,000   Yankee Fork 12,000,000

*Value of metal production in the Coeur d'Alene mining district rose to $4.2 billion by the end of 1982.

Many of these totals are based largely upon reliable sources (usually Bureau of Mines or other governmental compilations), but some are of unknown accuracy. Most lode and dredge production figures are reliable, and almost all Idaho metal production is of those kinds. Less than 2% of the total production of $4,402,890,000 are from sources of uncertain accuracy. This table must be used with great caution, since mineral prices even For gold – varied greatly over the century the figures cover. Inflation has weighted the period since 1940 very heavily. Gold and silver prices after 1976 have fluctuated ten or twenty times as much. Boise Basin's gold values, for example, recently have risen to more than one or two billion dollars. Other major gold districts (Elk City, Florence, Leesburg, Pierce, Rocky Bar, Warren and Yankee Fork) have increased similarly. Silver prices have varied much more. Assignment of smelting values and federal support prices also affects some of these totals (such as Blackbird) to a marked degree.

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