Territorial Executive Branch

Abstracted from "The Idaho Blue Book, 2007-2008," published by Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa, for the State of Idaho.

Idaho Territory established by an act of Congress on March 4, 1863, and signed by President Lincoln on July 3, 1863. The Territory was organized at Lewiston:

GOVERNORS				appointed
Wallace, William H			03-10-1863
Lyon, Caleb				02-26-1864
Ballard, David M.			04-10-1866
Bard, Samuel				03-30-1870
Marston, Gilman				06-07-1870
Connor, Alexander H.			01-12-1871
Bowen, Thomas M.			04-19-1871
Bennett, Thomas W.			10-24-1871
Thompson, David P. 			12-16-1875
Brayman, Mason				07-24-1876
Hoyt, John P				08-07-1878
Neil, John B.				07-12-1880
Irwin, John N.				03-02-1883
Bunn, William M.			03-26-1884
Stevenson, Edward A. *			09-29-1885
Shoup, George L.			04-01-1889

* C. J. Brosnan, "History of Idaho", Charles Scribner's Sons, 1935; p. 199:

"Edward Stevenson, Idaho's first and only Democratic territorial governor, received his appointment from President Cleveland, September 29, 1885. For several years prior to his appointment to the territorial governorship, he had been a mining man at Idaho City. He was the first governor who was a resident of Idaho at the time of his appointment.
"Governor Stevenson was apparently a member of a political family. At the same time he was governor of the state of Idaho, his brother was also governor of the state of Nevada. In 1887, Governor Edward A. Stevenson received a visit from his brother-governor. The unusual event was long remembered by territorial pioneers."

Stevenson is buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Boise as are many other pioneers. walking tour with bios..

"Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, published by The Executive Office of the Governor, John V. Evans and The Idaho Division of Tourism and Industrial Development, State Capitol Building, Boise, Idaho, p. 8:

"The story of the territorial governors reads not like a whodunit, but like a whodidn't. Sixteen governors were appointed by presidents between 1863 and statehood 27 years later. Five of the governors never set foot in Idaho. . . . All but one of the territorial governors were Republican, but the legislatures were Deomocratic, elected by the Confederate refugees who had moved to the mines. . . .For one 18-month period, Idaho Territory didn't even have a governor on paper. Had it not been for Edward J. Curtis, who served 16 years as Secretary of Idaho and more often than not as acting governor, governmentally territorial Idaho would have been a mess. . . . The average stay of the territorial governors was 20 months. The last two, Edward Adlai Stevenson and George L. Shoup, were bona fide residents of the territory. Shoup lead the transition to statehood . . ."

Daniels, William B.			03-10-1863
Smith, C. DeWitt			07-04-1864
Gilson, Horace G.			09-04-1865
Howlett, S. R.				07-26-1866
Curtis, Edward J.			05-04-1869
			reappointed	02-05-1874
Sidebotham, Robert A.			04-29-1878
Singiser, Theodore F.			12-22-1880
Curtis, Edward L.			03-03-1883
Pride, David P.B.			07-02-1884
Curtis, Edward J.			02-12-1885
			reappointed	02-12-1889

Bacon, John M.				07-23-1863
Lamkin, Benjamin F.			09-23-1863
			reappointed	02-06-1864
			reappointed	12-23-1864
Lane, Horace B.				01-27-1867
Bishop, William R.			05-14-1867
Cram, Daniel				01-01-1868
			reappointed	01-16-1871
			reappointed	01-07-1873
Perrault, Joseph			01-15-1875
			reappointed	01-15-1877
Onderdonk, James L.			02-14-1881
			reappointed	02-14-1883
Moody, Silas W.				02-07-1885
Wickersham, J.H.			02-11-1887
			reappointed	02-08-1889

Kenyon, Derrick S.			09-07-1863
			reappointed	02-08-1864
Smith, Ephraim				02-23-1864
Sterling, Edward C.			01-07-1867
			reappointed	01-16-1869
Gray, John S.				01-16-1871
Huntoon, John				02-16-1872
			reappointed	01-07-1872
			reappointed	01-07-1873
			reappointed	01-15-1875
Perrault, Joseph			02-12-1885
Himrod, Charles				02-12-1887
			reappointed	02-08-1889

Pride, D.P.B.				02-07-1885
Johnson, Richard Z.			02-05-1887
			reappointed	02-08-1889

Chittenden, J. R.			12-23-1864
Bishop, W. R.				07-25-1866
Moody, Silas W.				02-11-1887
Stevenson, Charles C.			02-11-1889

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