Walker Cemetery (a.k.a. Big Flat)

Walker Cemetery is located on the old Anderson Walker homestead on Crane Creek. (If looking at a BLM map, refer to Range 1W, Township 11N, Section 14, Parts SESE, or Section 23, Parts N1/2NE and NENW.)

There are about 20 known burials there with tombstones and others that are unknown due to lost markers and are possibly plowed over. Please contact the web site coordinator if anything more is known about this cemetery.


Allen, Dudley Franklin, d. 14 July 1904, aged 67 yrs, 4 mo. 8 days. Born in Nashville, TN in 1837

Allen, Frances E. (Mrs.) d. 10 Feb. 1915, aged 63 yrs, 4 mo. 11 days. Born in Racine, WI, 1851

Gamble, Blanche, d. abt. 1909 of T.B., about 44 yrs. old; born 1874 in Luanne, France; wife of Sam Gamble.

Gamble, John, 11 Mar. 1903 of heart trouble, aged 74 yrs. Born in Louisville, KY. His sons are Neil and Abner Gamble of Vancouver, Washington.

Gamble, Lena, no dates. Lived in Midvale, ID; Maiden name was Lean Allen; She was the 2nd wife of Zike Gamble. (NOTE: Alma Tinskey, sister of Lena Gamble, said that this is not Lena's grave. She says the Lena was buried in Emmett Cemetery, Emmett, ID.)

Harvill, Archie, d. 29 June 1935 in a car wreck; aged 37 yrs, 8 months, 1 day; born 1897 in Richland, Oregon. His brother-in-law is George Walker.

Lowe, William, d. abt. 1910 of old age; lived in Big Willow, ID; his sons were Ben & Lowell Lowe. He had 6 children. Obit, Jun 15, 1911 - rootsweb message board, gem/258.

Mosman, John R., d. 17 Dec 1908, aged 1 yr, 8 mo, 15 days; born in Wilbur's, ID; son of L.F. and E.L. Mosman.

Mosman, William, Jr., born & died 10 July 1892, (stillborn); son of William C. & Margaret Mosman.

Nay, Zachary, d. about 1902, abt 90 years of age. Born in IL.

Patterson, Emma S. d. 3 Oct 1916, aged 56 yrs, 6 mo., 12 days., b. 15 April 1860 in IL; Son-in-law is George Walker. Wife of C. W. Patterson.

Walker Anderson, d. 12 March 1901 of heart trouble, aged 57 yrs, 10 months, 28 days; b. 4 Apr 1833 in IN; (This Walker Cemetery is located on his old homestead.)

Walker, (baby), 1935 - stillborn - premature. Parents were W. H. & E. R. Walker.

Walker, Charles, d. 2 Jan 1919, aged 28 yrs, 8 mo, 21 days; born 11 Apr 1890 in Midvale, ID, son of William H. & Emma R. Walker.

Walker, Emma R., 3 1933; born in IA, wife of William H. Walker.

Walker, Katie B., d. 12 Aug 1895 of heart trouble, aged 19 yrs., 11 mo., 7 days; born 5 Sept 1878 in Holt County, NE. Maiden name was Katie B. Allen. She was the wife of John Walker.

Walker, Loretta Ellen, d. 23 Aug 1891 of T.B., aged 32 yrs, 8 mo, 29 days; born 24 Nov 1858 in IN, wife of James Walker.

Walker, Margaret, d. 22 June 1900, aged 68 yrs, 8 mo, 0 days, Born 22 Oct. 1831 in IN.

Walker, William H., d. 30 Aug 1924, aged 68 yrs, 8 mo, 18 days; born 18 Apr 1855 in IN. He was the Son of Anderson & Margaret Walker.

Walker, James, d. 12 May 1897, 43 yrs, 9 mo., 2 days.

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