Beautiful Idaho Greetings from Idaho

Ada County
1908, State Penitentiary
1908 State Penitentiary, Boise, Idaho

Blaine County
1951, Challenger Inn, Sun Valley
Canadian Wild Geese at Lake on grounds of Challenger Inn, Sun Valley

Boise County
George Grimes
George Grimes, Discoverer of Gold in Boise Basin - 1862, killed by hostile Indians day of discovery
Hanging of Herman St. Clair
The Hanging of Herman St'Clair at Idaho City, Idaho, June 14, 1898 -
Boise Co. Jail 1908
Boise County Jail and Territorial Penitentiary at Idaho City, Idaho, April 1908. John Leary, Sheriff, with two prisoners handcuffed at the gate - "The roots of corrections are in Idaho City and Lewiston. The territorial legislature designated the two cities jails as territorial prisons in 1864. During the eight years the jails served the territory, they housed approximately 100 inmates. The majority of inmates were in Idaho City. Much of the original Idaho City territorial prison fell into Elk Creek when gold diggers undermined the area in the early 1900s." -
Lowman Inn 1949
Lowman Inn 1949
>S. Fork Payette 1949
S. Fork Payette 1949

Canyon County
1918, OSL Depot, Nampa
1918 Oregon Shortline Depot, Nampa, Idaho

Gem County
Thunder Mountain Stage
Thunder Mountain Stage at Emmett Depot, before 1915

Hunt's Department Store, c. 1910's1

E. E. Hunt's Residence1

1910 Emmett Orchard1
"Bearing Orchards, Emmett, Idaho. Matured orchards are worth from $1000 to $2500 per acre and pay handsome returns upon the investment. . The orchard shown is on the ranch of Mrs. Julia Cook, near Emmett, Idaho." "You need some photos for Christmas, Come in and let us make them for you. . Stevens' Studio, Opp. Russell Hotel."

Black Canyon Dam on the Payette River
Emmett Cherries
Emmett Cherries

Idaho County
Warren, 1923
Warren, 1923
Warren Guard Station, 1923
Warren Guard Station, 1923
Warren, 1923
Warren, 1923
Whitebird Hill, 1942
Whitebird Switchback Spiral, North and South Highway
The road was "straightened" in the mid-1970's

Kootenai County 1949
Cataldo Mission Cataldo interior
Cataldo Mission
The Mission of the Sacred Heart was constructed between 1850 and 1853. It is the oldest building in Idaho.
4th of July summit
4th of July Summit - "Captain Mullan and his crew celebrated the 4th of July 1861 on top of this mountain as they took a break from clearing passage for the road they were building over it. The Mullan Road was the first wagon road to cross the Rocky Mountains to the Inland of the Pacific Northwest. It was built by U.S. Army Captain John Mullan between the spring of 1859 and summer 1862. It led from Fort Benton, Montana, to Fort Walla Walla, Washington Territory, and it roughly follows the path of modern-day Interstate-90 through the Rockies. Mullan Road was designated a historic site by the National Register of Historical Places in 1975, and the American Society of Civil Engineers designated it a historic civil engineering landmark in 1977." —
Beauty Bay Seeweewana
Lake Coeur d'Alene, 22 miles long and 10 miles wide at several points.
Lake Coeur d'Alene Lake Pend Oreille
Bozanta Tavern, 1910
Bozanta Tavern -"the resort is 40 miles east of Spokane by trolley." Now known as the Hayden Lake Country Club: "Once a favorite gathering place for the Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe, the Club location on the shores of Hayden Lake was originally the site of the Bozanta Tavern (Bozanta is an Indian word meaning "meeting place by the lake"). J.C. Olmsted,who designed New York’s Central park, was brought out to plan the grounds. The lakeside resort was designed in 1907 by Kirtland Cutter, the leading Northwest architect of the era. In 1927, ownership of the tavern was transferred from the Inland Empire Railroad to a group of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene businessmen. It then became known as The Hayden Lake Country Club. "Since its founding, the club has experienced a colorful past. We have hosted a sitting President (William Howard Taft), served as the location for a silent film and functioned as the officers’ quarters for Farragut Naval Base on Lake Pend Oreille during World War II."

Lincoln County
1st rom Shoshone Ice Cave-frost
Shoshone IcCave-Gothic Arch

Owyhee County
Silver City 1867
Silver City 1867
Silver City, 1900
Silver City, 1900

Shoshone County 1949

Twin Falls County
Traction Engine
"Traction Engine and Train, employed by the Twin Falls & Salmon River Land and Water Co. for hauling heavy construction materials from Twin Falls to the Salmon River Dam" - the dam was completed in 1910
Nothing's too good for you in Twin Falls, 1912
Twin Falls Bridge
476 Feet-Highest in the World - 1400 feet long - on the old Oregon Trail
Twin Falls-Jerome Bridge over Snake River, view one mile above bridge, Twin Falls

Valley County
Rainbow Bridge 1949
Rainbow Bridge across the Payette River, Highway 55, 1949; Built in 1933, the bridge is on National Register of Historic Places
Freighting in McCall, unknown date
Freighting in McCall, unknown date
McCall, before 1915
McCall, before 1915
Falls Payette River
Falls Payette River
Warm Lake Plunge
Warm Lake Plunge2, unknown date
Meadow Creek Mine, Stibnite, 1932
Meadow Creek Mine, Stibnite, 1932
Yellow Pine
Yellow Pine

1courtesy of Art Beal
Most of these postcards were collected by my grandmothers, Alma Carlson McConnel and Hester Gross MacAskill Woody.

2"This plunge was a very popular place for years. Many local people served as caretakers during its time. Swimming lessons were giving here each summer. The collectors for hot water coming of the mountain were something to see. Collection troughs could be seen hanging from the steep rocky cliffs across the river from the road coming into the plunge with plenty of water, for the pool was always warm. . . Like many things built on USFS property and operated by them, it came to a sudden halt. In the 1970s it was closed, buildings were destroyed, the pool filled with sand and the road blocked leading to it. Operating costs were too high . ." - Duane L. Petersen, "Mostly True Tales/From the Coffe Shop." D, & D. Books, Cascade, Idaho, 2012. p. 61

Northwest Historical Postcard Collection, University of Idaho

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