Ada County is named for Ada Riggs2, daughter of H. C. Riggs, a member of the legislature which established the county. Fur trappers were the first white men in the area, in 1811. The U.S. Army's Fort Boise was established in 1863, and the city of Boise was established the same year. Boise became the territorial capital in December, 1864. During the mining boom in Boise Basin, Boise City was the distributing center for miners' supplies. As irrigation expanded, Ada County became an agricultural center. It is the most populous county in the state: is the site of Boise State University; has the largest civilian airport; is headquarters for several multi-billion dollar businesses; has numerous small industries; and is a center for state and federal governmental agencies. -- "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho." map

ISU digital atlas   map of Boise 1917

Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory:
•  Ada County
•  Boise City
History of Ada County, by James Hawley, 1920
History of Boise, by James Hawley, 1920
Historic Postal Records
Boise's Oregon Trail Markers


Ada County Historic Preservation

Cities and towns in Ada County include: Boise,   Eagle,   Garden City,   Kuna,   Meridian and Star.

City of Boise, parks includes Fort Boise Military Reserve Cemetery, Morris Hill Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery. Pioneer Cemetery Walking Tour includes many biographical sketches.
Other cemeteries include: Cloverdale Cemetery and Crematory,
Dry Creek Cemetery,
Idaho State Veterans Cemetery
Gowen Field Memorial
Findagrave: Fairview (aka Lower Fairview), Five Mile, Holy Apostles Catholic Church Columbarium, Idaho State Penitentiary Cemetery, Joplin Pioneer Cemetery, Kuna Pioneer Cemetery, Mountain View Memorial Park, Risen Christ Columbarium, Sacred Heart Catholic Church Prayer Garden, Saint Michaels Garden Columbarium, Star Cemetery, and Terrace Lawns Memorial Gardens.

capitol 1910

State Capitol Building by Walter Lubeken, 1910's.1
Idaho Capitol Commission

1Walter Lubken (1882-1960), a Boise native, was an official photographer for the U.S. Reclamation Service. He took thousands of photographs documenting irrigation projects across the west. He also photographed nearby towns and farms. Picturing the Century at

2 According the bio of H. C. Riggs in "History of Idaho: The Gem of the Mountains Vol. 2" by James H. Hawley 1920:

"In 1864 he (H. C. Riggs) was elected a member of the house of representatives from Boise county and introduced the two famous bills of that session. The first was a bill changing the capital of the state from Lewiston to Boise and the second was a bill creating a new county in the vicinity of Boise, with that city as its seat of government. After a hard fight both bills were passed and in appreciation of the great work he had done it was unanimously decided to call the new county Riggs. Not caring to be thus honored himself, Mr. Riggs suggested to his colleague to name the county Ada for his little daughter. At the time of the marriage of this daughter, in commenting thereon one of the local papers said in regard to the organization of Ada county: "Hon. H. C. Riggs and a Mr. Parkinson were but two of Boise county's numerous delegation in that session. Mr. Parkinson, of Boise, and the writer of this sketch, who then represented the great county of Shoshone, occupied the same table in the hall, when the question of naming the new county came up. Several names were proposed, those of Grant, Lincoln, Douglas being among the number. Some good natured sparring ensued, during which Mr. Parkinson whispered to his deskmate that Ada was a pretty name, and that as it was the name of his colleague's little daughter, he, Mr. Parkinson, would esteem it a personal favor if his friend from Shoshone would offer Ada as the name of the new county. This was done and the motion carried promptly and unanimously."
complete bio of Henry.

Ada (1856-1909) married John Riggs Coons and died in San Francisco in 1909 findagrave.

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