Boise News (Bannock City, I.T. [Idaho City] Jan. 2, 1864

Chronicling America

THE shooting at Placerville on Christmas day was quite as serious as our imperfect report last week would imply. It seems that Hugh Donohue being furiously drunk went into a saloon flourishing a pistol and calling on some one to fight him; his friends remonstrated and endeavored, to disarm him, but fortified himself in a corner where it was impossible to approach him without being shot, as he threatened any one who laid a hand on him. Finding that he occupied, a position to command the whole house he began firing at and over the crowd, the second shot taking effect on a man by the name of J. F. Miller, a quiet peaceable citizen who sat by the stove and had never spoken a word to his murderer in his life. Miller lived six hours and expired. Donohue escaped and is still at large — the Sheriff offers a reward of $500 for his arrest. Deceased leaves a family in Ohio and had about $1000 worth of property in Placerville which will be sold and the proceeds sent to them.

On the same day Richardson attacked Brown; they fired six shots at each other. Richardson received one in each arm, and Brown one through his Brown one through his leg and another through his hat; no bones broken in this affray and both parties are in a fair way to recover soon. A correspondant says a vigilance committee is talked of in Placerville, hoping by breaking the laws themselves to induce others to respect them.


Dr. Terry of this city came over from Centerville last night and gave himself up to the Sheriff, reporting that he had been attacked with shovels and picks by a party of men with whom he was remonstrating for jumping some mining ground which he had bought, and that he had shot one of them whom it was thought would die. The names of the parties the Dr. was unable to give. An examination before Justice Walker will be had today when the particulars will be made known.

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