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Boundary County is so named because it borders Canada to the north, Washington to the west, and Montana to the east. It first was part of Kootenai County, and then was split from Bonner County. Its early history is part of that of the original Kootenai County. David Thompson who was the first known white man in what is now Boundary County, opened up the fur trade in Idaho in 1808. In 1864, E. L. Bonner established a ferry on the Kootenai River at what is now Bonners Ferry. Richard Fry bought out Bonner in about 1874, and for 10 years the Fry brothers and their families were the only white persons in the county. The first post office was named Fry, but later the name was changed to Bonners Ferry. The Great Northern Railroad was built through the area in the 1880's. Agriculture, lumbering, and tourism and recreation are the principal industries of the county." — "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho."

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Wild Horse Trail (1864)   ~  map
1894 ad for Hay for Sale, John Donahoe
1918 New Year's Dance, Bonners Ferry
Hawley's 1920 history
Boundary County post offices

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Boundary Co. USGenweb Archives

1895 Rand, McNally map, before county creation

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