Fremont County

"ESTABLISHED 1893. COUNTY SEAT St. Anthony. Fremont County is named for John C. Fremont, an explorer of the West, known as the "Pathfinder." The county borders both Montana and Wyoming. The first recorded white visitor to the area was Captain Andrew Henry, who es-tablished a post on the North Fork of the Snake River about five miles from the present St. Anthony. The post was used by several succeeding expeditions into the area. The first settlement in the county was at Egin Bench in 1879. A bridge was built across the North Fork at St. Anthony Falls in 1887, and a short time later the townsite of St. Anthony was platted. Mormons moved into the area and built farms. Agriculture and livestock are the chief industries of the county, followed by tourism and recreation, and lumbering. Ashton is one of the newer communities in the county. The State Youth Training Center is at St. Anthony." "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho.

1895 Rand McNally map     map from almanac  ::  Fremont Co. ISU Digital Atlas

Fort Henry, Idaho's second fur-trading post, 1810
Fremont through Idaho, 1843, by Brosnan
Sawtell Ranch, 1871
"History of Idaho," by Hawley

Fremont Co., IDGenWeb
Fremont Co. USGenweb Archives

1917, after Clark, Madison and Teton counties were formed

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