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"Lemhi County is named for the Fort Lemhi LDS Salmon River mission. which was named for King Limhi in the Book of Mormon. Lewis and Clark were the first white men in what became Lemhi County. Fur trapping brigades traveled the area. Captain Bonneville camped north of the site of Salmon. Mormon missionaries in 1855 founded Fort Lemhi at what later became Tendoy, but in 1858 were forced to abandon it. Gold was discovered on Napias Creek in 1866, and a rush to the Leesburg placers began. The placers were said to have produced about $500.000 annually. In the late 1870's mining fever subsided, and permanent settlers began farming on the four rivers and their tributaries that drain the county. Livestock raising and agriculture became the mainstays of the county's economy, followed by mining, lumbering, and recreation activities." "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho.

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1876 Langley's Directory
Leacock's Station, Big Creek
History by Hawley, 1920
Martial Law, 1931, "to prevent incenciarism;" in Idaho, Boise, Gem, Valley, Adams, Custer and Lemhi Counties
Post Offices

US Mail, Salmon 1910

US Mail, Salmon 1910.

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