Langley's 1876 Directory

"Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78," Compiled By Henry G. Langley, Editor of the California State Register, Pacific Coast Almanac, San Francisco, 1875. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Idaho Territory

Langley'1876 Directory, alpha index

Bloomington, Oneida Co, P O 97 miles s e of Malad City

Bloomington Co-operative Store, general mdse
Chidester Joshua, machinist
Hulme William, postmaster, and general mdse
Jarvis Joshua, tinsmith
Keogh Peter, shoe maker
Neilson Soren, shoe maker
Roberts W, brick maker
Welkes James W, blacksmith

Fish Haven, Oneida Co, P O

56 miles n e oi Malad City.
Cook P W, (Swan Creek) millwright
Gardener George, cabinet maker
McCan P Rev, clergyman
McLean John, millright
Nelson H P, wagon maker
Nettson John, shoe maker
Pope Robert, general merchandise
Shirley T W, blacksmith
Stock Edwin, teacher
Stock John, postmaster, and hotel
Stock R & W, turners and sawyers
Stock Sarah, milliner and dress maker

Gentile Valley, Oneida Co, P O

Franks J Rev, clergyman
King William H, postmaster
Robertson N B, lumber manufacturer, and blacksmith

Georgetown, Oneida Co, P O

95 miles e of Malad City
Barkdull Nicholas, hotel
Burns John, general merchandise
Hayes Nephi C, carpenter
Hess David, grain and flour
Lewis Henry A, postmaster
Merrill B C, notary public

Liberty, Oneida Co.

P O 85 miles e of Malad City Austin Edward, blacksmith
Austin E N, postmaster
Derricott Joseph, clog maker
Hancock Henry, shoe maker
Hymas W A, butcher
Kennington W H, shingle and lath manufacturer
Martin John, machinist
Matthews Samuel, shingle and lath manufacturer
Ostiline H, lumber manufacturer

Montpelier, Oneida Co, P O 95 miles e of Malad City

Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Osborn David, postmaster
Robison & Co, salt manufacturers

Paris, Oneida Co,

P O 95 miles e of Malad City
Broomhead William, carpenter
Cooperative Store, general merchandise
Hebdon & Mowrey, builders
Margetts H, blacksmith
Paris Shingle and Lath Mill Co, shingle and lath manufacturers
Price Robert, carpenter
Rich C C, flour manufacturer
Rich, Pomerov, & Dutfin, lumber manufacturers
Stucki John U, postmaster

Soda Springs, Oneida Co.

P O 70 miles n e of Malad City
Anderson Nels, blacksmith
Bowman James, varieties
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Hale Solomon H, livery stable
Raymond C J, mill proprietor
Rose C G, general trader
Sterrett W W, postmaster, and hotel
Tunley B M Rev, clergyman
Young & Hale, liquor saloon

St. Charles, Oneida Co.

P O 100 miles s e of Malad City
Co-operative Store, general merchandise
Pugmire J, postmaster

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