Bear Lake County was named for the lake, half of which is in Idaho and half in Utah. The Bear River was named in 1818 by Donald Mackenzie and his party of trappers because of the numerous bears encountered on their expedition. The first permanent settlement was at Paris, established by 40 Mormon families from Utah. The Mormons brought irrigation to the area. Excellent grazing land brought livestock and ranchers. Agriculture is the chief industry in the county. Huge phosphate deposits are in the county awaiting development. The principal features of the county are Bear River and Bear Lake, which contribute water for irrigation and power. The lake offers recreation to an increasing number of persons from more populous Utah."
- "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho. map from almanac :: location and population from Idaho Almanac :: neighbors :: Bear Lake Co. ISU Digital Atlas

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Minnetonka Caves  ::   Minnetonka Cave on the Montpelier Ranger District
Bear Lake 1871, by William Henry Jackson photo

1899, Decoration Day at Montpelier


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