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Blaine County was named for James G. Blaine, an unsuccessful candidate for the presidency in 1884, who served as secretary of state under presidents James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, and Benjamin Harrison. The county was created from a remnant of Alturas, at one time the largest county in territorial Idaho. Its shape is unusual, and a portion of it extends southward to near the Snake River to pick up assessed valuation of the railroad. Donald Mackenzie explored the area in 1818. Alexander Ross led an expedition into the region in 1824. Agriculture and tourism are its greatest industries, and there also is some mining and lumbering. Sun Valley became the nation's most prestigious winter resort when it was opened in 1936, and the area has attracted the famous from all over the world. "

. . .World-renowned Sun Valley is a gateway to the Salmon River and to the primitive and wilderness areas and the hunting and fishing grounds of the Idaho batholith. Sun Valley sits snugly among treeless large foothills of the Pioneer, Boulder, and Smoky mountains on the southern edge of the batholith, an area of full alpine characteristics. Conceived, constructed, and first operated as a winter resort in 1936, Sun Valley since 1965 has grown rapidly into a resort for all seasons and is a complete recreational village. Built originally by the Union Pacific Railroad, Sun Valley was purchased in 1964 by the Janss Corporation of California. William C. Janss, Jr., became its sole owner in 1968. In the early 1970's, Janss became associated with Johns Manville Corporation in the construction of Elkhorn Village, just over the Dollar Mountain saddle from Sun Valley. In April, 1977, Janss sold his interests to Earle Holding of Little America and Sinclair Oil Refining Co. Sun Valley, Elkhorn, and facilities in the Ketchum-Hailey area can provide more than 7,000 beds, thus making Sun Valley a prime convention center.

Sun Valley's reputation as a winter resort is unparalleled. Baldy is considered one of the world's great ski mountains, and the treeless foothills offer skiing for all grades of experience. Sun Valley and Elkhorn operate 16 lifts." -- "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho."

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Langley's 1876 Directory, Alturas County
Blaine County post offices
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News from Library of Congress, Chronicling America
1883, Best April Fools Joke, Isaac Culp & Mr. Center
St. Patrick's Day 1884, Hailey, "Wood River Times"
1884 ad, Peter Meves Capital Feed and Corral
1885, Cottonwoods become home of bedbugs
1886, "An April fool is an April fool . "
1887, Decoration Day in Ketchum
1887, June: David Davis house struck by lightning
1888, "A wise man thinks he's a fool. . "
1889, Apr., Campfire for ex-Union soldiers and sailors
1890, Decoration Day in Hailey
1891, Spear and Hampton killed by Snowslide at Trapper Mine

Jerkline Freight Outfit Tream, Sun Valley 1947, C. A. Gregory image
"When the first Wagon Days Parade was held in 1958, a few dozen wagons and teams rolled down Main Street. "The Big Hitch," as the Lewis Ore Wagons are called, thundered down the road as they have in every Wagon Days Parade since..." - City of Ketchum, Parks and Facilities
Cabins at Alturas Lake Ranch, c. 1940

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Redsull, Thomas T. Patterson, Homer G. Bruner, Presley M. Carey, Michael Hon.
Wolters, Albert McCurdy. James D., M. D. Delano, Nathan C. Sullivan, Isaac N.
Gooding, Fred W. Riley, William T. Watt, William H. Berry, R. W.
Hulse, Joseph B. Stacy, James N. Noble, Robert Heard, William E.
Harper, Joel B. Williams, Matthew H. Griffin, Joseph F. Johnson, Ervin W.
Angel, Texas   

Please visit the Idaho Biographies for more listings from "Illustrated History of the State of Idaho." Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company. 1899.

Bellevue, The Gate City

Sun Valley
1951, Challenger Inn, Sun Valley
Canadian Wild Geese at Lake on grounds
of Challenger Inn, Sun Valley

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