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Elmore County was named for a quartz mine, the Ida Elmore, near Rocky Bar. The Oregon Trail bisected What is now Elmore County, crossing the Snake River near Glenns Ferry at Three Island Crossing. The first settlements were in the mining areas at Atlanta and Rocky Bar, but it was not until the Oregon Short Line built its main line across the southern part that permanent settlements came into being. An important station on the overland stage route, originally named Rattlesnake, was moved to the railroad line and became Mountain Home, contributing materially to the county's economy. Major industries are livestock raising, farming, and recreation in its mountainous areas. The Mountain Home Air Force Base, 12 miles southwest of Mountain Home, established in 1942, brought additional population to the county and also contributes to its economy." - - "The Idaho Almanac, 1977 Edition," published by the State of Idaho.

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Post Office History
Langley's 1876 Directory
Hawley's 1920 History
Mining Districts
Mining Districts 1898 (Map)


The Oregon Trail (includes journals)
Western Mining History Kittie Wilkins, The Horse Queen of Idaho

"Three Island Crossing. A natural ford where thousands of covered wagons crossed the Snake River on the way to Oregon." - Colored plate of a Western scene published in Westward America by H.R. Driggs. Photographer, William Henry Jackson, 1860-1870 - source

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